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Friday the 13th
2006 10 04

By SolAris |

King Philip IV [the Fair] of France watches as the Master of the Templars is burned at the stake.
Next week it will be Friday the 13th again. But this time it won’t be just ANY such date, this will be the actual anniversary of the original day.

Friday, the 13th of October, 1307 - was the date on which the Templar Order was routed in France, its members arrested and later executed. According to many researchers, that is what led to this date conjunction to be considered unlucky (or horrible.)

For nearly two hundred years before that, The Templar Order was the most prominent force in Europe, whose wealth and power easily rivaled and even surpassed that of the Vatican itself. But after having been rounded up in France on that day, the Order basically ceased to exist in its original form.

The "timely" conjunction this year will celebrate no less than the 699th anniversary of that original fatal date. And "699" is in fact a most significant figure in Templar lore.

The number 69 (aside from its usual association...) has been considered "magical" since antiquity, not least because it’s vertically symmetrical - it will look the same if flipped upside down. It is also the symbol for the Zodiacal sign of Cancer - a sign ruled by the Egyptian god Thoth, who, as Hermes Trismegistus, is said to have been the "patron" of the Templars, the giver of their secret knowledge.

And the number 9 is also vital both in Templar and ancient Egyptian symbology. There were nine ruling gods in what is called the Egyptian "ennead". There were nine original Knights Templar.

It is thus a highly curious coincidence, to say the least, that the 699th anniversary of the Templar demise would fall on the same "unlucky" day of the week.

Furthermore, I first wrote and posted this article yesterday, October 3, which was a most opportune time for writing about it – because it was exactly ten days before that upcoming date. In 1307 the old Julian calendar was still in force, but today we live according to the Gregorian one. The changeover between the two calendars involved moving the calendar date TEN DAYS into "the future". To top it off, the change happened in early October:

"when the new calendar was put in use, the error accumulated in the 13 centuries since the Council of Nicaea was corrected by a deletion of [i]ten days[/i]. The last day of the Julian calendar was Thursday 4 October 1582 and this was followed by the first day of the Gregorian calendar, Friday 15 October 1582."

As we can see, at a certain point those "critical days in October" suddenly went missing, they were skipped over... If that hadn’t happened, the 699th anniversary of the Templar demise would not have fallen on Friday the 13th. Coincidence or Design?

It should be noted that Emanuel Velikovsky, in his "Worlds in Collision” postulated that Friday the 13th got its unlucky association because Friday, April 13th around 1550 BC is when the “Venus fly-by” occurred, which caused major cataclysms on Earth and led to descriptions such as the Ten Plagues in the Bible.

Still others claim that Friday the 13th became unlucky because of Jesus’ Last Supper, in which 13 people participated (Christ + 12 disciples.) This is also said to have occurred on a Friday the 13th in April, and was the Jewish Passover Eve. Significantly, the 13th of October is exactly half a year away from the 13th of April.

So what can it all mean? Well, "alchemically speaking", this is definitely way too many coincidences to be just another simple day which will pass without notice. If we accept some of the modern conspiracy theories, then there’s a good likelihood that the coming Friday the 13th will be a most meaningful and important date for some key people in positions of power.

Though we may not notice the change immediately, but it’s likely to be some sort of a decisive pivotal point in our subsequent history. It has been brought to my attention that the conspiracy forums are rife with ideas of a possible planned terrorist action on that date, which will heavily influence the upcoming US elections towards a more war-like atmosphere.

And now on to a few other connections, which, at this point, are significant perhaps only to myself. Yesterday on October 3 I had to make a round bus trip of about 300 miles. On the way I was reading Baigent and Lee’s "The Temple and the Lodge". I was traveling to the town of Katzrin on the Golan Heights, a place I haven’t visited for nearly twenty years.

My “gestalt” bit of understanding about the curious significance of this year’s Templar Anniversary came just as we were driving by a completely destroyed Templar fortress, at Jacob’s Ford. The spot dominates a very ancient bridge known as "the Bridge of the Daughters of Jacob", which since antiquity has been the main crossing point of the Jordan river, on the eastern fork of the Via Maris ("the road of the sea") going to Damascus.

The Templar fortress was almost completely taken apart by Saladin, stone by stone, after he captured it - something not done with other Crusader castles, many of which stand largely intact in this area.

The old castle is situated exactly on the 33d Parallel of latitude, a fact which must have been very significant to the Templars, because they could’ve chosen a higher and better fortified hill for it further north and closer to the bridge, but did not. And of course this is not just in any country, but in the Holy Land itself, the defense of which was the "raison d’être" of the Templars. Researcher Gary David, who has written a series of very enlighening articles with “Masonic connections” to the 33d parallel, found this “coincidence” highly interesting.

In early April of this year, almost exactly six months ago, an Australian paper carried a sensationalist headline about "bodies of first Templars" being found by archeologists digging at the castle site. This turned out to be another one of those silly things that papers would write, where the interviewee’s comments were taken completely out of context. It was later denied by the head archeologist of the site, prof. Thomas Asbridge. (In this regard, see also Asbridge’s article about the Battle at Jacob’s Ford).

Templar bodies or not, but the location is undeniably a very special Power Spot in the region. For many years in the eighties and nineties, a group of local hippies, including myself, have held what can be justly called "pagan festivals" right under what used to be the castle’s walls. Nobody had any idea about the old Templar fort, as the archeological dig there started only in the late nineties and hardly any remains could be seen before. We just thought it was a beautiful grove by a rapid river, a very nice place for a pagan festival in what is mostly a desert area. The place has been used since prehistoric times - just about every rock you pick up there is a piece of an old flint implement.

Lastly, since we’re talking about the ‘Holy Land”, the birth-place of Judaism, some curious connections with Jewish holidays should be noted as well.

The Jewish New Year’s Eve fell this year on September 22nd, a date considered by many to be the Autumn Equinox (others place it on the 21st or the 23d.)

Between New Year's and the annual big fast known as Yom Kippur (the “Day of Atonement”) there lie 10 days, called “the horrible days”, because this is when people are supposed to repent their sins from the previous year. Yesterday, October 3, was the day immediately following Yom Kippur, when life supposedly “returns to normal”. Furthermore, the coming October 13th will be the holiday of Simchat Tora, the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, when the reading of the Great Scroll of the Bible begins afresh each year.

It would seem that we have a very special and significant date to look forward to this month.

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