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Robin Falkov, a homeopathic physician behind the website Freedom Health Rights and the partner of Richard Hoagland has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Finances permitting, Robin will try therapy using the Physiospect device, invented by the Russians. The Physiospect has a most powerful therapy program: THE META THERAPY, which transfers the frequencies of a healthy organ to the client, thereby stimulating the bodyís immune system to heal, which the body is programmed to do. There is nothing new about this concept, it has been around for eons, going back to the ancient acupuncture system, and more recently with the Tesla coils and the Reef frequencies. With the advent of the modern computers Russian scientists were able to create a computer program to stimulate the healing process. And on the computer screen the client can see this transformation happening. To read about how the physiospect device works, please visit

Robin will be documenting her research with the Physiospect device, and other alternative means, on her path to healing from colon cancer, which she will share publically.

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Please help support Robin Falkovís research and discovery to overcome colon cancer. If this device is proven to heal, shouldnít the world know about it? Letís support our fellow researchers in the alternative field.

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