House of Vere & the Merovingians
an Antediluvian Dragon Bloodline?

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Prince Nicolas DeVere Von Drakenberg
A Dragon and a descendant of the Merovingians?

The "Dragon" Prince Nicholas DeVere von Drakenberg on Dreamland

Excerpt from inteview with Nicolas DeVere on Dreamland by William Henry -

Listen carefully!
He's saying that "they" (the Dragons) have a Mad Cow (BSE) or Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease resistance gene. Now think a minute or two about the implications of that statement. BSE is rampant in most of our animal food supply today (no matter what you've been told or what you believe!).

Sidenote: Could there be a strange connection to animal mutlation. I've heard different people suggest that there is a "testing and tracking" of animals going on - both wild and domesticated - to measure the BSE/prion disease levels. Could there be any truth to this statement?

Consider that the anus/rectum, eyes and intestines often are the parts "missing" from mutilated animals and those parts (including the spinal cord) is where you measure the levels of prion disease alledgely because it primarily gathers in the anus/rectum.

Example: Another Cattle Mutilation in Pondera County, Montana

Read more: Tell USDA to exclude cow rectum and anus from human food too.

Go further: | Animal mutilation

He also mention a Melanocortin Receptor Gene. I'm not sure what that means, here is a Google Search on that.

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'Reptiles Have Immunity To Aids'
The Man-Made Origin of AIDS: - Are Human and Viral Experiments Responsible For Unleashing The HIV Holocaust?? (Maby not Man-Made then ey?)

Dragon Descent Bloodline Chart Part One
Dragon Descent Bloodline Chart Part Two

Is the Merovingian Dragon Bloodline related to: The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court, the Kabbalists, the Holy Grail Hunters thru the Sabbatean frankists, the O.T.O. and their "three world wars" to destroy the political Zionism that they have been using as a steamroller to advance their own agenda.

Is the bigger bigger branch:
British Israel World Federation Movement?
More this way

Merovingian Connection
Dagobert’s Revenge & The Magdalene Legacy (The Jesus and Mary Bloodline Conspiracy Revelations Beyond The Da Vinci Code). "Laurence Gardner's historical detective story". Are expressions of the attempt beyond "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" & "The daVinci Code" to put the living descendants of the Merovingian Bloodline on a mythical pedestal.

"The House of Vere are descended in numerous lines from the Merovingian dynasty and consequently share in this ancient Germanic Royal Blood Tradition. Prince Milo de Vere - married to Charlemagne's sister - and as Head of the Imperial House and Chief of the Imperial Army, was himself an Imperial Prince."

From: Vere Princedom

Childeric I (c. 437- c. 482) was the Merovingian king of the Salian Franks from 457 until his death.
The son of King Clotaire II, Dagobert became king of Austrasia and on the death of his father, the sole king of the Franks. By 632 he had Bourgogne and Aquitaine under his rule, becoming the most powerful of the Merovingian kings and the most respected ruler in the West. He married five times.

As king, Dagobert I made Paris his capital. During his reign, he built the Altes Schloss Castle in Meersburg, Germany which today is the oldest inhabited castle in that country. Devoutly religious, Dagobert was also responsible for the construction of the Saint Denis Basilica at the site of a Benedictine Monastery in Paris.

Dagobert was the last of the Merovingian kings to wield any real royal power. In 632 the nobles of Austrasia revolted under Mayor of the Palace Pepin I, and Dagobert appeased the rebellious nobles by putting his three-year-old son Sigebert III on the Austrasian throne, thereby ceding royal power in all but name. When Dagobert died in 639, another son, Clovis II, inherited the rest of his kingdom at age five.

(Hence the name Dagoberts Revenge?)

More from wikipedia:
List of Frankish Kings | Merovingian

Pharamond (Pharao?) | Clodio | Merovech (Meroveus) | Childeric I | Childeric I | Clovis I - Dagobert I etc. ect.

Statue of Charlemagne (also called Karl der Große, "Charles the Great") in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Frankish people or Franks were one of several west Germanic tribes who entered the late Roman Empire from Frisia as foederati and established a lasting realm in an area that covers most of modern-day France and the region of Franconia in Germany, forming the historic kernel of both these two modern countries. The conversion to Christianity of the pagan Frankish king Clovis was a crucial event in the history of Europe.

The Frankish realm underwent many partitions and repartitions, since the Franks divided their property among surviving sons, and lacking a broad sense of a res publica, they conceived of the realm as a large extent of private property. This practice explains in part the difficulty of describing precisely the dates and physical boundaries of any of the Frankish kingdoms and who ruled the various sections. The contraction of literacy while the Franks ruled compounds the problem: they produced few written records. In essence however, two dynasties of leaders succeeded each other, first the Merovingians and then the Carolingians.

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Extensive Article:
Successors of Rome: Francia, 447 - Present - Kings and Emperors of the Franks

'The Royal Genealogies'

...James and Natalie had an only son:

Tom Weir - Prince Nicolas DeVere Von Drakenberg

Prince Nicholas Thomas Logan Weir of Vere (Nicholas de Vere) Gm.K.T., K.C.D., Knight Templar; Knight of Clan Donnachaid of Eire; Magister Templi via the Baphometic Order of The Cubic Stone 1118; Princeps Draconis. By Gaelic blood descent and de jure Clan Chief and Head of The Royal House of Vere in England.
Parish Records for Ulster 1820 - 1845, United Kingdom Government Registers for Births, Marriages and Deaths 1845-1957. Sussex Register of Electors U.K. Sussex Courts of Law U.K. British Government Department of Internal Affairs. Burke's Genealogies.

"The princedoms of Vere are ancient cultural manifestations of genetic qualities carried in the historical Elven Blood Royal. Established in Angiers in 740 a.d. as a Royal House arising from far older sacral-regal, Pictish, Scythian Vere origins rooted in antiquity, the House of Vere is recorded in a single name and in an unbroken line for over one thousand three hundred years, and consequently is one of the oldest surviving royal dynasties in Europe."

From: The Duchy of Angiers and The Royal House of Vere

(*The red and gold tinctures and metals on the field of their heraldic escutcheon, [traditionally symbolising the plumage of the Phoenix] superimposed by the White Star – literally the falling star of Lucifer – are the Arms of the Vere and reflect their ancient line of descent from Sathaniel or the Devil. The escutcheon, supported by two dynastic, hermetic Dragons becomes, historically, the Ancient Alchemical Seal of the House. The Phoenix of the Scythians was the Raven. The Raven itself, or rather the double-headed Raven found in Transylvania, devolved down to the Hittites and from them it was eventually adopted and modified as the double-headed black Eagle of the Holy Roman Empire).

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