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Third Secret of Fatima and Pope John Paul II’s Death
2005 04 06

By Mitch Battros |

What I am about to write certainly goes under the heading of “conjecture”. The word “conjecture” suggest inference or judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence. In other words…guesswork. Due to the very delicate road of which I venture, it is most important to maintain my integrity when skillfully balancing the two worlds of “factual science” and “reasonable conjecture based on historical text”. I would not be writing this if at some level I did not think there may be something to it. But having said this, please note I cannot prove any of the statements which follow. So here it goes.

Since I did make the announcement of prophecy and predictions related to the passing of Pope John Paul II, I will follow through and layout some of which has crossed my desk.

Again, I wish to say what I am about to write below is meant to be viewed as a “okay, lets see what happens, if anything at all” kind of jester. I can also tell you that not one single scientist or colleague supports or condones the writings below. This is truly where I do my dance between the two worlds of ‘modern science’ and ‘ancient text’. You have been advised!!!


Over 30 years ago, Conchita of Garabandal said the "Warning" will happen on a Thursday in April between the 8th & 16th of the month, within the lifetime of Joey Lomangino (now 71) [and before the end of the century according to many sources], on the feastday of a young martyr of the Eucharist & on the day of a great event in the Church.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Message states "...This is a rejuvenating time but a time of cleansing from the ways of your self..." The Warning would be in April. Mirjana of Medjugorge said her first secret, will not be worldwide, but will nonetheless serve to "shake us up". This "secret" might concern some catastrophic event prior to the "Miracle" as described at Garabandal (2nd secret?). Seemingly, the first 3 secrets and the Warning/Miracle must tie-in.

It has been prophesied John Paul II will be the last Pope before the end of time (as we know it). I would suggest there will be one or two other Popes after John Paul, but they are to be “puppets” without the integrity of Pope John Paul II. So in effect, John Paul II is indeed the “Last Pope”. At the time of the apparitions of Garabandal, Pope Paul VI was Pope. Our Lady told the visionaries that, including the present Pope, there would be only 3 Popes until the end of time (the end of the Marian age, climaxing with the Miracle).

John Paul II, who despite all sorts of problems besetting the world and his Church seemed to be quite optimistic about the future. He had repeatedly said that the Great Jubilee year will mark the beginning of a "springtime for Christianity". But how could he have been so optimistic and so apparently certain of the future?

Since he was a deeply prayerful man - he opened his day with up to two hours of individual prayer then celebrates Mass and prays throughout the day - and he is Jesus' vicar on earth, so he is guided by the Holy Spirit the source of his certainty may be supernatural in nature.

Further, if persistent 'rumors' that emanate from the Vatican are correct, he is also a visionary, purportedly receiving his own visions of his beloved 'Markka' - the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition, he has read and evaluated Fatima's famous third Secret, yet to be revealed to the world, and may also be guided by its contents. In short, he had guidance that no one else possesses - and he is optimistic!

Fatima's Third Secret appears to involve a supernatural event as inadvertently disclosed by one of the few people alive who have read it - Archbishop Loris Capovilla. Moreover, the Pope had told his close associates not to plan his 2001 calendar implying that he won't be alive by then. But that was not to be.

It is possible that he believes Fatima's Third Secret will come to conclusion of the passing of the “Last (real) Pope”, of which I am suggesting is Pope John Paul II.

Some have stated a “star” will illuminate the earth causing it to appear to be surrounded by flames during a period of some twenty minutes. Could this have been the Gamma Ray Burst which occurred last month and was so bright it out shined the moon? Others believe it will be a near flyby asteroid which will light up the earth making it appear that the whole world is in flames. And yet others say it will be the undeniable brilliant light from a nuclear explosion. It is mentioned many people will wish to die at that shower of fire...a fear which will in fact cause the death of many people; those who are just and who believe will not suffer."

In all prophecies, Jesus says that Divine events will be explainable scientifically for the spiritually weak. So even though God may act through nature, many will attribute these events natural cyclical events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis or even asteroids.

The Garabandal visionaries referenced a bright light in relation to the Warning, and Jacinta (of Fatima) supposedly told a Mother Godhino that a time would come when a warning would be sent to the whole world in which the skies would light up with a bright light shocking the world with its suddenness and magnitude.

Before the "Miracle" will come the "Warning" (the original Spanish term was "Aviso", which translates as "Announcement", "Warning", or "Notification".

It will precede (by between 8 days and 1 year) the Miracle prophesied by Our Lady at Garabandal, which will in turn precede the chastisement.

A flash of brilliant white light (obviously bright enough to attract the attention of the third of the people in the world who will presumably be sleeping) will occur, "like 2 stars that collide and make a lot of light, but don't fall down." (Conchita's description).

Now a few scientific facts:

The Kp Index has set off a second ‘spike’ higher than the first on April 4th/5th. In keeping with my 72 hour cause-effect scenario, this would suggest a seismic or volcanic event to occur on April 8th. It is yet proved there is a firm connection between a Kp Index spike and earth change events. We will just have to wait and see. On April 8th we will also have a partial solar eclipse.

As of today, I do have confirmed reports that Mount St. Helens has increased its seismic activity. It is now recording earthquakes in the magnitude 3.0 to 3.5 range. This is often a precursor to a volcanic eruption. There is no way to determine the size of any such eruption if it were to occur. Long Valley Super-Volcano seems to be somewhat nominal but does show a few 2.1 on April 4th and a 2.9 on March 30th. Yellowstone Super-Volcano is showing low nominal quakes with a 2.4 on April 2nd. I am unable to find any current data on Toba Super-Volcano, but no one needs to convince me of the incredible! seismic activity that is going on in the region of Indonesia.

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Tuesday April 5th – Martin Gray – Creator of Sacred Sites – Discussion on the Third Secret of Fatima: Martin will tell of his personal story as he as visited Fatima. I am providing a link just below which will give you a great surmise of tonight’s discussion. On May 12, 1982 Pope John Paul II made a pilgrimage to Fatima and expressed thanks to Mary for saving his life during an assassination attempt the previous year. Incorporated into the crown of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima is the bullet removed from the Pope after he had been shot. On May 13th of 2000, the Pope again visited Fatima and this time revealed that part of the so-called "third secret of Fatima" was that Mary had prophesized the! 1981 assassination attempt and revealed this in her apparition to Lucia in 1917.

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Pope John Paul II Has Died and Coming Prophecy

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