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Heavenly Data Transmission II
2005 05 02

Posted By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

There has been a cloud of pessimism drifting through the collective mind of humanity. Thankfully it is only temporary and the obvious solutions will still be there when the truth dawns upon you. That is the most beautiful quality about Creation. No matter how bad the world situation gets, in the end, the purity of Existence remains untainted. You will live in the new era when YOU CHOOSE TO.

The people on your planet are either going up in understanding or going crazy from repression. It is a shame that so many resist so vociferously. Life was never meant to be such a struggle. Some of you have gone so far away from the Light that even if Christ himself delivered Your own Personal Path of Salvation, you would shrink away and shout, “Heresy!”

Many among the number of incarnated beings are younger in body but older in spirit. Somehow they will unravel the mess made by their fathers and their father’s fathers. The children will certainly follow. Those of you in the older populous who agree with the freshness of youth’s new forms, are always welcome to join the vivaciousness of Heart’s inclination. Transcendent souls achieve goals.

Kundalini rising,
C. Moors

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