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Heavenly Data Transmission I
2005 04 12

Posted By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

Underneath the stars, you can sometimes see one falling. This is to remind you of your manifestation period. Spiraling into the dense material of the body, you began the adjustment preceding emergence. Then when emergence came, you cried because you were scared. What began as a moment of love/lust between two incarnates of opposing genders (because no matter how long you wave a flag, you canít have a kid if you are bumping positives or negatives), ends in the hospital (or shack) with a smack in the backside. (Wouldnít it be better to dim the lights and have soft music playing?) Then when the baby becomes 5, the soul begins two years of finishing the merge. For a few years they will be happy and free. When puberty comes and those cheesy moustaches appear on your sons, will they be sexually corked up because you didnít talk to them about it openly and honestly? When the daughterís secret friend arrives, will they know ahead of time and be able to effectively handle the situation and retain dignity? Someday these kiddies will go into the world. Do they know how to handle money and do your ladies know that men can be cruel? If they do drugs will they have to live in a secret lonely world? Are you going to make life inhospitable while you pretend that your pills arenít drugs? Sometimes validations, acknowledgements, and small friendly gestures, make the impossible seem possible. Each person is each moment changing. If we are lucky, we are growing. Our own self concept evolves even as God does. There are indeed angels among you. Some of them are getting close to remembering the whole story. This is a part of the healing plan. Welcome to the beginning of the end.

Kundalini rising,
C. Moors

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