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Josh Reeves - Hour 1 - Quest for the Lost Secrets of Ancient America Continues
August 22, 2014
Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, musician, and radio talk show host who after years of researching government conspiracies and secret societies, has dove into the world of hidden ancient mysteries. Stemming from his ten years of research on the ancient Rockwall in the suburbs of his hometown of Dallas, Texas, Josh has released almost 6 hours worth of film in 2013 and 2014 with his Lost Secrets of Ancient America Series. Volume 3 of the series is currently in production and you can see all his films at theglobalreality.com Josh is an independent researcher who brings over 25 years of research to the table in his quest to expose the hidden truths. In this program, we discuss his second volume of Lost Secrets of Ancient America. Josh and his co-producer have driven all over America to film at some of the most spectacular structures and ancient earthworks to find a connection between them. We’ll discuss the paleo police who have taken control of the story of our origins and how anthropology has been weaponized in order to keep us in the dark about our ancient history. Finds throughout North and South America suggest a very different history then the official one. In the second hour, we speak about ancient tribes that fought over territory and traded with each other. There seems to have been a concerted effort to exterminate the giants in some areas, such as what occurred at Lovelock Cave. Josh also went close to Area 51 and speculates as to why this type of testing ground ended up so close to several ancient sites.


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Books & DVDs
The Lost Secrets of Ancient America Volume 1 & 2 DVDs

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