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Kongpop U-Yen - Space Weather Induced Natural Disasters
February 14, 2014
Dr. Kongpop U-Yen obtained his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. As an electric universe enthusiast, he has conducted independent research on topics related to space weather and solar activities predictions. In this program, we discuss the evidence that solar activities have strong correlation with abrupt weather conditions and tectonic activities, including storm formations, flash floods, volcanic activities and earthquakes. We’ll talk about the electrical properties of the earth and simple electrical theories based on laboratory experiments that explain abrupt weather conditions. Kongpop U-yen gives an outline of the basic properties of a living organism and compares it to a human body and to the body of the earth. Just like wind affects a human body, solar winds affect the planet. We’ll talk about what can cause electric field fluctuations and how massive amounts of water can evaporate to produce flash floods. Kongpop also speaks about Tesla wireless transmission, coronal mass ejections, sunspots and impulse signals. Later, U-Yen talks about tectonic displacement related to solar activity and the Carrington event as an example of electric grid disruption. At the end, he explains how the science to understand the space weather / disaster relationship could help predict catastrophic events and save lives.


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