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Patrick Henningsen - The Politically Correct Matrix
December 23, 2013
Patrick Henningsen is an independent journalist currently based in London. He is the managing editor of 21st Century Wire, an independent media voice for geopolitical news and analysis, working with an array of contributors aggregating news and opinion from around the world. In the first hour, we discuss political correctness, focusing on the Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and his recent comments in GQ magazine. Patrick explains the two sided edge of free speech that some are unwilling to accept. Politically correct mobs are destroying America. We'll talk about how political correctness is the goal of cultural Marxism. We'll also talk about MSNC's Melissa Perry who said that kids belong to their communities, not parents, which takes us into a discussion on the nanny state. In hour two, we'll discuss the state's involvement in parenting, education, anti-bullying laws and "diversity" training. Later, Patrick explains how in this corporate world order humanity is lacking will and drive, not taking action. We end the hour on the Boston bomber and Sandy Hook and how both of these events will be used.


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