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Lisa Andersson - Hour 1 & 2 - When Swedish Tax Authorities Attack
December 16, 2013
Lisa Andersson and her husband Micke Brandt run a construction company in Sweden. They were accused by the Swedish tax authorities of collaborating with other companies in a tax scheme. The accusation was based on what the authorities called "false invoices," although they had no evidence to support this accusation. In the process Lisa and her husband discovered that when dealing with authorities and courts in Sweden, one has almost no rights. They also realized that before the state courts their words and witnesses were less valid than the "evidence" or presumptions that the tax authorities presented. Struggling to not go bankrupt they have a long way to go to restore their business, to get out of debt and to regain what was lost before the tax authority's false accusations and attacks began. After two trials in the administrative court of Sweden they finally won. However in the process Lisa discovered that in Sweden, people serve the state, not the other way around. Despite paying one of the world's highest taxes, Swedish citizens are getting less and less in return from the state and the quality of those services is quickly dwindling.


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