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Ingrid Carlqvist - Hour 1 - State Controlled Press in Sweden & Mass Immigration
October 28, 2013
Swedish author and independent journalist Ingrid Carlqvist joins us from Copenhagen, Denmark to continue our ongoing discussion about Sweden's troubled past and future. Ingrid started the website Dispatch International with Danish historian Lars Hedegaard in an effort to help balance the debate on many of the politically incorrect topics that Swedish state funded media refuses to touch. We'll discuss where the country has been and where it is going as rapid changes are underway in certain areas. Sweden is locked into a ridged political system of the past. We'll discuss the media environment in the country that has been internationally praised for its tolerance and fairness. Later, we talk about the issue of mass immigration into Sweden, the future of religion and lack of belief. In the second hour, we discuss the increase of sex crimes and rape in Sweden. On the flipside, state feminism is destroying the country from within and ridiculous rape charges against people like Julian Assange are on the rise. Ingrid comments on these glaring contradictions and how they have arisen. Later, we'll speak more about the political climate in Sweden, the lack of choice, normalcy bias and the concept that Sweden has been a political laboratory that today is exporting its concept of soft totalitarian state to the rest of the world.


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