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Marc Stevens - Government Violence & The Stockholm Syndrome
October 9, 2013
Marc Stevens is a voluntaryist, essayist and the host of The No State Project. He is the author of Government: Indicted and Adventures in Legal Land, a lawyer-upsetting people-helping book. He'll discuss how there is no rational basis for government. Marc explains how believing in government is the worship of psychopaths. We discuss how although government is a lying, killing, vile institution that defies the non aggression principle, people still fail to apply critical thinking skills and see government for what it is. Marc speaks about engaging with government agents and the lies they tell. Later in the first hour, we talk about the Constitution of the U.S. which many put their trust in. In the member's hour, Marc explains our "battered citizen syndrome" relationship with government and how they have infested every aspect of our lives. He'll give his position on what is required to neutralize the attack and rid the parasitic forces at play. Then, we'll get into government mandated licenses, permits and fees. Marc speaks about rejecting government programming, as the programming makes it possible for a few to control the world. We'll also talk about how the mentality of the people would change after government collapsed. Later, we address the human idea of rights. Can you prove you have rights? The hour ends discussing circular arguments he's encountered in court dealing with government agents and their lack of evidence proving their position. "The code applies because the code says so."


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