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Neil Kramer - The Journey of Divine Will & The Path of the Introvert
September 25, 2013
Neil Kramer is a British philosopher and teacher specializing in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, and mysticism. From 2006 to 2011, Kramer published essays, writings, audio interviews, and videos on his blog "The Cleaver." In May 2012, his book "The Unfoldment" was published. In the first hour, Neil explains his philosophy of authentic living and examining what's important. We'll discuss the importance of being self directed in a polarized "machine culture," forcing us to choose between the mind or the heart. He elaborates on divine will and explains why society denies it. Those not exercising divine will become spellbound, subservient subjects. We also discuss the importance of the introspective, introverted lifestyle. In the member's hour, we discuss further what happens to a society when divine will is suppressed. Neil speaks more on the contemplative, introverted lifestyle and living between the external and internal worlds. The hour ends on connecting to our core essence and bringing about divine will.


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Books & DVDs
The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation
The Audio Cleaver

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