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Nathan Fraser - The Crumbling System of Law & Authority
August 19, 2013
Nathan Fraser, the author of As King: A Simple Guide to Autonomous Living, will talk about how to operate within the system of law and what tactics to use in court. Nathan is the host of the radio program Live Free FM where the topics of discussion include the legal system, how to fight back in court and how to achieve true autonomy with one goal in mind, the goal of a free and voluntary society. In the first hour, Nathan explains the philosophy behind his approach and tells how he attained his experience and knowledge. He'll talk about Corpus Delicti, the principle that a crime must have been proven to have occurred before a person can be convicted of committing that crime. We'll discuss the history of tyranny and the fraud of democracy. He describes how the police have no duty to protect citizens and how the state, using stolen money, is involved in suppressing people as opposed to protecting them. Nathan argues that all human relations should be of a consensual basis. Later, he explains the process of discovery, understanding the rules of evidence, the process in court, what happens at trial and how to impeach a witness. In the second hour, we talk about some of his previous successes in court. He shares some of the questions he uses to get the representatives of the state to get caught up in their own rules and paint themselves into a legal corner. Lastly, Nathan explains why he wants to share this knowledge and expose the flaws in the legal system.


Relevant links
Statutory law
Corpus delicti
Warren v. District of Columbia
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Police Have No Duty To Protect Individuals
Shadow government(conspiracy)
Judicial disqualification

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