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Adrian Salbuchi - Argentine Corruption & World Government in South America
July 26, 2013
Adrian Salbuchi is known for speaking and writing about geopolitics, international relations, political power structures and financial globalization. His latest book is "The Coming World Government." Adrian regularly writes articles and shows up RT. He is the founder of the Argentine Second Republic Project and he is an international business consultant. He is with us today to give us an update on how the development of world government is marching forward in South America. We begin to discuss the newly selected Argentine Jesuit pope and what his strategy for cleaning up the tarnished reputation of the Vatican will be. We move on to talk about Cristina Kirchner and the Kirshner "dynasty," who have been ruling the massively corruption Argentina for over 10 years. Adrian explains many of the financial scandals that have been unfolding in Argentina, without any coverage by the nation’s media. Salbuchi further describes how the country’s resources being are being sold out to mega corporations and that it’s all run by the super national globalists and their banks. In the second hour Adrian explains why he is suspicious of the Arab spring and other demonstrations and rallies around the world. He explains that as long as people are fighting amongst themselves they will never be able to see the real enemy. We further discuss what is going on in Venezuela after Hugo Chavez death and the situation in Brazil. Adrian says that the economy is being intentionally dismantled around the world and the reformation offered to fix it will get us further dependent on a debt based centralized governmental banking system. He gives us a few pointers on how to remain autonomous under these conditions.


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