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James Bamford - NSA, U.S. Cyber Command & the Global Brave New World of Surveillance
July 15, 2013
James Bamford is an American author and journalist noted for his writing about United States intelligence agencies, especially the National Security Agency (NSA). He has written for The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Harper's, and many other publications. James is the author of three books, his latest being The Shadow Factory. We'll discuss a brief history of NSA before moving on to the most recent news regarding Edward Snowden and the CIA. James describes the connected activities of the US Cyber Command, overseen by Commander Keith Alexander who also is the current Director of the NSA. U.S. Cyber Command is the world's most advanced cyber warfare agency. We ask James who the targets are. He explains how terrorism is being used as the excuse to take us further into a global brave new world of surveillance.


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