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Alison Adams - Hour 1 - Mercury Toxicity, Mouth Body Connection & Natural Recovery
June 26, 2013
Alison Adams suffered with a lifetime of chronic illness which resulted in a health crisis that forced her to quit her profession of 20 years. Realizing that the conventional medical approach offered no real solution to her condition, she began retraining in naturopathic medicine. Alison finally recovered her health using the natural approaches that she discovered, and she shares them with us in her book, Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia: The Natural Recovery Plan. Alison is a dentist, naturopath and former Fatigue Related Syndromes (FRS) sufferer. She holds UK and US degrees in dentistry, eight diplomas in various aspects of natural health. In the first hour, we'll discuss Alison's road to recovery from mercury poisoning. Alison explains how all disease comes from either toxicity or deficiency. We'll also talk about Weston Price, diet and detoxing. In the second hour, we'll talk about tooth decay, an issue that arises from a deeper internal issue within the body. Alison explains the mouth body connection. 90% of all disease has an orientation in the mouth. Dental treatments are also acknowledged to have profound effects on the health and well-being of the individual via a number of different biological and chemical pathways including via the energy meridian system. Later, we discuss biological dentistry and more on diet and detoxing.


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Chronic Fatigue, ME, and Fibromyalgia: The Natural Recovery Plan

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