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Daniel Estulin - Bilderberg 2013
June 9, 2013
Daniel Estulin is an investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderbergers for over 14 years. He is the author of "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" and "The Octopus Deception." He also hosts a show on RT. Daniel joins us for a quick update on the ongoing Bilderberg 2013 meeting in Watford, England. Daniel explains that because of increased media attention from both mainstream and alternative media, it has become quite irrelevant as a "secret" meeting. He talks about how it’s now turned into a circus, comparing it to something like the Woodstock music festival. "The Bilderberg meeting is important to a point, but it’s not the top of the pyramid," he says. Bilderberg is just a small part of a bigger agenda and together with other organizations and meetings it represents an ideology of world control. "The great unwashed" are the enemies of the elite and they do not meet to try to solve many of the world’s problems, as naive people think. When it comes to issues like avoiding another financial bubble, it’s actually about how to destroy the world economy in an orderly fashion. Some of the other topics discussed during the meetings are how to control the world’s food supply and technology. Later, Daniel shares with us some of the latest information discussed during Bilderberg about how the elite are planning to deal with Iran’s nuclear program, their presidential election and sanctions against the country.


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