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Ralph Ellis - King of Edessa & The Omphalos Stone
April 18, 2013
Ralph Ellis has been researching biblical and Egyptian history for more than 30 years. Being independent from theological and educational establishments allows Ralph to tread where others do not dare, and it is through this independence that Ralph has made many new biblical and historical discoveries. He returns to discuss his latest book, Jesus, King of Edessa. Ralph will talk about the Edessa family, a royal family most have never heard about. Ralph has discovered that one of the princes of Edessa had the same names as Jesus. We’ll discuss Josephus Flavius as a historian who worked for the Romans writing their propaganda, deleting the Edessa family. Ralph will explain how manufactured biblical gospel is still a version of the truth, written using the pesher technique. In the member’s hour, we’ll continue on the omphalos stone found in the Temple of Delphi, reputed to have been a conical meteoric stone that arrived in a dramatic and fiery fashion from the heavens above. Ralph talks about where else we can find stories about stones with magical properties. Then, we’ll hear about royals with cone-heads and where else we see this in history. Was the conical Edessan crown also designed to cover and conceal an elongated royal cone-head? Ralph entertains ideas of ancient astronauts. Later, we’ll return to the motives of Joseph Flavius, a possible double agent. Ralph explains how the writings of Flavius have taken humanity on a diversion from gnosis.


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