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Susanne Posel - Hour 1 - Reflections on a World Gone Crazy
March 12, 2013
Susanne Posel is an investigative journalist from OccupyCorporatism.com, an alternative news website dedicated to exposing the elite and their plans to globalize money, governments and people. Susanne discusses her entry into alternative media and her understanding of how many grassroots organizations and movements are under elite control. In the second hour with Susanne Posel, we’ll continue on fake revolutions and the reformation of society. We’ll discuss internet censorship, Raytheon’s Riot software and manipulation via the aid of social media. Then, Susanne will discuss Neocons as Trotskyites, exporting the revolution, faux conservatism and collectivist movements. Later, we cover transhumanism and Agenda 21 and discuss where a godless, soulless scientific dictatorship is taking humanity.


Relevant links
New WikiLeaks ’spy files’ show global surveillance industry
Google's Revolution Factory; Alliance of Youth Movements: Color Revolution 2.0
Patrick Clawson Assisting Zio-Communist Takeover of US Under Cover of Washington Institute
Neo-Trotskyism aka Neoconservatism
"Riot" Software tracks people on social media, by Raytheon
Software that tracks your every move and predicts future behavior

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