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Egypt Roundtable - Hour 1 - Ancient Technologies & Khemitology
January 24, 2013
This roundtable discussion features Egypt experts Stephen Mehler (archaeologist and prehistorian), Chris Dunn (craftsman and engineer), Patricia (artist) and Yousef Awyan (stone mason), Gary Evans (Infinite Connections) and Brien Foerster (Peruvian expert and sculptor) all of which will be guiding a unique 2 week tour of Egypt. In the first hour, we’ll discuss ancient Egypt and the highly advanced civilization that was there before writing. This advanced civilization had knowledge of science based on harmony. We’ll discuss their form of technologies. In the second hour, Stephen Mehler continues on Khemitology and why these researchers are redefining the field as Khemitology, not Egyptology. He expands on the philosophies of life driven by cycles and explains the stages of consciousness as the ancients understood. We’ll speak more about the "spiritual machines" built at the high point in a cycle. The group expands on the spiritual aspects of the ancients. Yousef tells us about the power of sound resonance and how each site holds a specific vibration for a specific function. Later, we continue on the power of interdimensional sites as a way to open us up to "neter," an aspect of God. At the end, the group shares details about their upcoming Egyptian tour.


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