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Robert Bauval - Post-Revolution Egypt
January 26, 2012
Engineer, Egyptologist and frequent guest of Red Ice Radio, Robert Bauval joins us to discuss the recent revolution in Egypt and former Minister of State for Antiquities Director Zahi Hawass. Robert and historian Ahmed Osman, collaborated to write a new book exposing Zahi Hawass. We'll talk about his corruption, lies and resignation. Robert tells us about stolen antiquities, vandalism and illegal excavation in Egypt. Where did the antiquities go? Then, we talk about the moderate Islamic majority in Egyptian parliament and Salafi extremists, who have been making crazy proposals. Robert talks about post-revolution Egypt and what can save them. Lastly, we discuss his upcoming tours of Egypt, the fear of tourists and empty sites. It's a great time to visit!


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The Robert Bauval Ultimate Egypt Experience, All Nile Valley Tour
12th February - 25th February 2012


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