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James Gilliland - UFO & ET Contact at the ECETI Ranch
November 4, 2010
UFO researcher James Gilliland joins us from the ECETI ranch at Trout Lake, close to Mount Adams in Washington State. The ECETI ranch is a UFO hotspot that is regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts and investigators who are curious and interested in having a first hand experience with UFOs, orbs, light trails, spontanous healing and other phenomena. We discuss the ongoing contact experiences that James and many other visitors are having with UFOs, extraterrestrials and intraterrestrials. We also discuss the UFO community and how the establishment seems to be getting ready to use UFO and ET disclosure for their own purposes and agenda. Other Topics Discussed: background on the ECETI ranch, Kenneth Arnold, flying saucers, non-interference, NWO crowd, major shifts, alignment with galactic plane, quantum leap in consciousness, Annunaki, catastrophy, chemtrails, weather modification, HAARP, humanity waking up, genes of the gods, junk DNA, victim mode, UFO community, clean technology, UFO/ET community infiltration, war industry, dependent, fake alien invasion, Wernher von Braun, visiting the ECETI ranch. In the second hour we discuss what kind of sightings have been witnessed at the ECETI Ranch, orbs, manifesting entities, felines and others. We address some of the negative aspects and influences by groups like the grey's and reptilians. James shares his take on the recent sighting over New York on October 13, as predicted by a former NORAD officer. We discuss what SETI is doing, black-ops development and manmade ships. We conclude the show by talking about contact in the near future, remote viewing and the recent shut down of nuclear weapons in connection to the UFO phenomena that has received much attention in the mainstream media. More Topics Discussed: Mount Adams, piezoelectricity, sightings at ECETI, visible spectrum, orbs, Buddhist monk, infra red spotlight, vortex, apparitions, manifesting entities, Mother Mary, "Masters", Egyptian civilization, feline entities, Nashringa, Sekhmet, grey's & reptilians, ritual magic, laser pointer communication, demonic forces, jinn, grey's, Archons, ship power up, velocity, NORAD officer, SETI, man-made ships, alive ships, black-op budgets, disclosure, contact in the near future, remote viewing, nuclear missile silos, Robert Salas and the shutdown of nuclear weapons.


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