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David Icke - 2012, The Reptilian & The Peru Experience
October 28, 2007

We Continue our Conversation with David Icke and go into the Fascinating areas of 2012, the Sun & Sun Activity peaking in 2012, the Reptile Inside us all and his Experience in Peru that started David's Journey. Topics Discussed: Solar Max, Sun Activity to Peak in 2012, What are some of the Potential the Effects on Earth and Man? "Initiation" into a New Age? Precession, Who's at the Top of the Pyramid and Behind the Conspiracy? Inter-dimensional Entities, The Reptilians, The Bloodlines, The R-Complex of the Human Brain (The Mammalian Brain), Is there a Reptilian Inside us all? Genetic Manipulation, Reptilian Marketing, Spiritual Awakening, David's Experience in Peru - What Happened and Why? Is there a Benevolent Force in the Universe Watching Over and/or Guiding (Helping) to Steer Things in the Right Direction? Much more. Don't miss our First Segement with David.

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