March 19, 2010 

March 18, 2010
Anne Greig & Robert Green - Sexual Abuse of Hollie Greig, The Scottish Establishment Peadophile Ring & Case Cover Up

March 14, 2010
Penney Peirce - Frequency, Intuition, Time & Dreams
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March, 2010
Upcoming Red Ice Radio guests include Stephen Bassett, Marshall Masters, Marcel Kuijsten, Sonia Barrett, William H. Kennedy, David Icke, Dr. John Hall, Klaus Schmidt, and Graham Hancock.

March, 2010

Red Ice TV - Episode 3 & 4- EDITING

Currently, we are editing Episode 3 (Illuminati Symbolism in Movies) & Episode 4 (Occult Symbols in Logos), featuring special guests such as Ralph Ellis, Michael Tsarion, Neil Hague, Leo Rutherford, Neil Kramer, Dan Tateman, Peter Taylor and more!

Top News This Week
Entangled, the new book by Graham Hancock
2010 03 18
Don’t miss our upcoming interview with Graham Hancock on Red Ice Radio on his new book "Entangled" and on his earlier works like "Talisman", "Fingerprints of the Gods" and more. Time is not what it seems... When a drug overdose causes Leoni, a troubled teen from twenty-first-century Los Angeles, to have a near-death experience, her soul is lifted from the modern ...
Monsanto admits their technology doesn´t work!
2010 03 16
This was my Saturday´s lyrics to breakfast in sunny Bangalore: Monsanto has decided to tell the truth about something: its technology doesn´t work!, reports The Hindu. I´m going to need a second cup of chai to digest this, Monsanto speaking honest!? Indian farmers and scientist have been seeing this in their Bt cotton fields for a few years: pests become ...
The World´s First Commercial Brain-Computer Interface
2010 03 16
he world´s first commercial effort at a patient-ready brain computer interface is on display over at CeBIT 2010, but don´t go throwing out your keyboard and mouse just yet. Intended for patients suffering from locked-in syndrome and other communication-impairing conditions, the Intendix from Guger Technologies allows users to input text using only their brains. Intendix works using an EEG-sensitive cap ...
NASA Finds Shrimp-Like Creature, Jellyfish Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet: "We Were Just Gaga Over It"
2010 03 15
In a surprising discovery about where higher life can thrive, scientists for the first time found a shrimp-like creature and a jellyfish frolicking beneath a massive Antarctic ice sheet. Six hundred feet below the ice where no light shines, scientists had figured nothing much more than a few microbes could exist. That´s why a NASA team was surprised when they ...
Search on for Death Star that throws out deadly comets
2010 03 16
Nasa scientists are searching for an invisible ‘Death Star’ that circles the Sun, which catapults potentially catastrophic comets at the Earth. The star, also known as Nemesis, is five times the size of Jupiter and could be to blame for the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The bombardment of icy missiles is being blamed by some scientists for mass extinctions of life that they say happen every 26 million years.
Game of Death: Shocking French ’Torture’ show was documentary experiment (Video)
2010 03 19
Contestants on a French quiz show were willing to torture a man to death with high voltage electricity, live on television. They didn’t know it was actually all part of an experiment, and their victim was an actor. The fake show called ’Game of Death’, featured participants electrocuting contestants who answered incorrectly until they screamed in agony. Psychologists were exploring ...
Little fanfare for 7th anniversary of war in Iraq
2010 03 19
Seven years after the first bombs in the war to oust Saddam Hussein, Iraqis went about their business Friday with little observance of the anniversary, looking to the future with a mixture of trepidation and hope. Perhaps more important in the minds of many was the ongoing wait for final results from the country’s second nationwide parliamentary election. The milestone will ...
Earth & Space

Spring Equinox, Sun in Aries

The Vernal Equinox is the time when the Sun reaches the balancing point in its path through the zodiac. It marks the beginning of the new astrological year, as the Sun enters the first degree of Aries, the Ram. It happens in 2010 on March 20 (17:33 UT – the Equinox is a day and a night, a phase not a moment), marked in the Christian Calendar by the Festival of the Annunciation of the Virgin (Lady Day) on March 25.

The death of the old year and the rebirth of the new has been celebrated since time immemorial, on or around the spring equinox, which is why the death and resurrection of Jesus is celebrated at this time. Aries is the sign of the exaltation of the Sun, for it marks the time when the days of light begin to outstrip the nights of darkness (for this reason the Ram is also the Fall of Saturn).

The Equinox chart finds the Sun in a T-Square formation with the conjunction to Mercury in Aries and Uranus in Pisces, square to Pluto in Capricorn and opposite to Saturn in Libra.

Mars in Leo is steering this ship, after many months of our Mars functions being revamped while in retrograde, and is now offering us the stability(sextile saturn), courage(mars) and surety(leo) we require to begin new initiatives(Aries sector) that we feel are necessary and in the best interest of our welfare from what we have been learning concerning healthy/unhealthy relationship(Saturn in Libra) and productive/non-productive structures(Pluto in Capricorn).

The Sun’s centering between Uranus in Pisces and Mercury in Aries functions as a bridge and signifies that we now have future(sun) oriented ideas/plans(mercury) that we wish to begin acting upon(aries) from our knowledge attained through many years of experiences during Uranus’ stay in Pisces.

Uranus in Pisces has been teaching us how to maneuver and adapt to sudden and/or unexpected(uranus) conditions with compassion and sensitivity(pisces) for ourselves and others while trusting our Higher Guidance/Knowing to lead us through the unseen and unknown.

Many whom consciously utilize these Equinox energies will make excellent progress on jump-starting their initiatives before the Cardinal Crosses arrive during the summer months while others that continue to avoid responsibilites may be highly volatile and frustrated during this period leading up to Summer Solstice.

Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith By Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval

This work, a decade in preparation, returns to the themes last dealt with in Keeper Of Genesis, seeking further evidence for the continuation of a secret astronomical cult into modern times. It is a roller-coaster intellectual journey through the back streets and rat runs of history to uncover the traces in architecture and monuments of a secret religion that has shaped the world.

Don’t miss our upcoming interview with Graham Hancock about his new book "Entangled," as well as his earlier work.
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New commentary from Henrik, dialogue with Lana. Topics include ARC Conference, Red Ice TV episode 4, mainstream scientists vs. metaphysical minded scientists, imagination, creating new archetypes, hierarchy, dreams and shared dreams, collective consciousness hell, childhood state, limits of creativity, forgotten human potential, humanity's suppressed pain and fear.

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