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Shelley Yates, a woman whose life was in miserable condition years ago. She had been sexually abused for 16 years and every day was a struggle for survival. She had created a strong wall between her and the outside world. It was like a cloud of darkness was hanging stubbornly above her head.

Her life changed forever on November 14th 2002 when she and her 4 year old son had a car accident. Shelley almost drowned, but someone/something spoke to her and gave instructions how to save her son from a certain death.

I won't go any further here as it's more rewarding to let Shelley tell what happened to her. It's a remarkable story, I can tell you that. Just watch the videos yourself [on bottom of this article]. They are loaded with humor. Shelley isn't your typical new-age girl, she has a lot of common sense and healthy amount of skepticism. Now she's surely fired up for this project.

The Project is called Fire the Grid. It's about activating earth's geomagnetic grid on a certain time-period with collective human intention. The "trick" is to feel positive intentions, be that by meditation, by prayer or just by doing positive stuff you enjoy doing most. This way you'd first "fire your own grid", imagine what you want to see in our world and fire the energy into the collective consciousness.

According to Shelley there could be even over 5 million people participating this event on July 17th 2007 at 11:11 [AM] Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You can check your local time here:

At this time and age, many people are skeptical to metaphysical possibilities as the internet is filled with all sorts of gurus, "teachers" and their follow ups who are trying to convince you to their own truths (and in many cases collect money for that). Also many people researching conspiracies find that child abuse is also a very common theme among mind control victims. It's good to be aware of disinformation and have a healthy amount of skepticism for sure, but also to keep an open and honest mind. Only You, as an individual, can know and remember your own truth.

There are scientific evidence to also support the premise that each individual human being is linked together on a level that can't be understood by the logical mind alone.

How does consciousness affect reality?

In Washington DC, between June to July 1993 approximately 4000 people participated in the Transcendental meditation program on preventing violent crime. The results where significant enough to see the potential of projected human intention. On the last week, when the size of the group was largest, crime rates (homicides, rapes and assaults) dropped 23.3%.

Read more here: Washington Transcendental Meditation Program

Dr. Roger Jahn from Princeton University developed a small computer (the Random Event Generator or "black box") that generated random numbers. The numbers were converted to either "1" or "0" and were recorded over various time intervals. The device was similar to flipping a coin and resulted in an equal number of "1s" and "0s."

During the late 1970s, Jahn decided to investigate whether the power of human thought alone could interfere in some way with the machine's usual readings. He hauled strangers off the street and asked them to concentrate their minds on his number generator. In effect, he was asking them to try to make it flip more heads than tails.

It was a preposterous idea at the time. The results, however, were stunning and have never been satisfactorily explained.

Dr Nelson, also working at Princeton University, then extended Prof Jahn's work by taking random number machines to group meditations, which were very popular in America at the time. Again, the results were eyepopping. The groups were collectively able to cause dramatic shifts in the patterns of numbers.

Using the internet, he connected up 60 random event generators from all over the world to his laboratory computer in Princeton. These ran constantly, day in day out, generating millions of different pieces of data. Most of the time, the resulting graph on his computer looked more or less like a flat line.

On September 11, 2001, the normally flat line of the boxes began to peak, warning of an event of terrible proportions a full 4 hours before the first plane hit the World Trade Center! Could the collective human mind have "known" what was going to happen?
Read more here: You can know the Future


Researcher Dr. Emoto from Japan have demonstrated how our thoughts, emotions, sound and music affects the molecular structure of water.
Hado: The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.

The Japanese researcher in question is Dr. Masaru Emoto, chief of the Hado institute in Tokyo. He is the author of many books concerning the phenomenon of ' Hado'. The two ideograms comprising this expression Hado (pronounced hadou to rhyme with shadow) literally mean "wave" and "move". This following definition is how Dr. Emoto himself describes the phenomenon, which led him to a series of remarkable discoveries pertaining to the nature of water.

"Arigatou" -Thank you in Japanese
This is not just any crystallised molecule of water however. What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront of the Hado phenomenon is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect PHYSICAL reality. By producing different Hado through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting it to the SAME water samples, the water appears to "change its expression". The exquisite beauty of the above crystal of frozen tap water is clearly the result of Hado being projected at it. The expression of human gratitude (arigatou) is thus immediately reflected in water.
Read more here:


The effects of human consciousness is the main focus for Noetic Sciences, a nonprofit membership organization located in Northern California. The research is scientific in nature and includes human perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention and intuition.

Read more here: Institute of Noetic Sciences & Brad Anderson's GC Index

The Global Consciousness Project, also called the EGG Project, is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others.

We have been collecting data from a global network of random event generators since August, 1998. The network has grown to about 65 host sites around the world running random colors per egg per sec custom software that reads the output of physical random number generators and records a 200-bit trial sum once every second, continuously over months and years. The data are transmitted over the internet to a server in Princeton, NJ, USA, where they are archived for later analysis.

Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We have learned that when millions of us share intentions and emotions the GCP/EGG network shows correlations. We can interpret this as evidence for participation in a growing global consciousness. It suggests we have the capability and responsibility for conscious evolution. We make the world we live in.
Read more here: Global Consciousness Project


Still image taken from Fourmilab experiment you can do. Concentration moves the wandering red line left or right after the JAVA experiment loads (not this image.)
There is an experiment few know about which has been online for about 10 years. At a university in Switzerland there is a radioactive source mounted near a Geiger counter. This experiment allows anyone, anywhere using a computer with JAVA enabled to see in real-time their influence on the radioactive source which creates the random numbers. There are three different ESP experiments which anyone online can participate in. This author first tried this experiment (the bell curve) online in the early 1990's. Although I'm about 10,000 miles from the actual experiment, I can mentally move the red line horizontally on the bell-curve beyond the odds of probability. Most likely you can move the line, too. You concentrate on "right" or "left" and it will move in that direction. But please don't go try this now - this is quite addictive and you won't finish reading!

Try it yourself here (needs a Java plugin installed on your browser): RetroPsychoKinesis Experiments

Read more here: We can change Reality


An excellent interview with Lynne McTaggart (The Intention Experiment) can be found here: L. McTaggart - The Intention Experiment


Learn the story behind Fire the grid -project. It will be a true global intention experiment for each of us individually and for the world around us. There is nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain. Time to Fire the Grid!

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 1

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 2

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 3

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 4

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 5

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 6

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 7

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 8

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