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Richard Sauder - Underground Bases and Tunnels

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By Richard Sauder, PhD

Richard Sauder is the author of the book "Underground Bases and Tunnels". The book takes us behind the scenes into little-known corners of the public record and discover how corporate America has worked hand-in-glove with the Pentagon for decades -- dreaming about, planning and actually constructing secret underground bases!

The book is the underground best-seller that opened up the Pentagon's underground bases paper trail to the general public. Nuclear tunneling machine patents, photographs, diagrams, the technology of underground excavation and plans for hundreds of miles-long underground tunnel systems in both the western and eastern United States are right here and thoroughly documented.

The topic of secret underground bases is surrounded by all manner of disinformation.

Underground Bases cuts through all the nonsense and delivers solid facts.

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Underwater & Underground Bases
Surprising Facts the Government Does Not Want You to Know

by Richard Sauder

Underwater and Underground Bases is an explosive, eye-opening sequel to his best-selling, Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?

Dr. Sauder lays out the amazing evidence and government paper trail for the construction of huge, manned bases offshore, in mid-ocean, and deep beneath the sea floor! Bases big enough to secretly dock submarines!

Official United States Navy documents, and other hard evidence, raise many questions about what really lies 20,000 leagues beneath the sea. Many UFOs have been seen coming and going from the world's oceans, seas and lakes, implying the existence of secret underwater bases. Hold on to your hats: Jules Verne may not have been so far from the truth, after all!

Dr. Sauder also adds to his incredible database of underground bases onshore. New, breakthrough material reveals the existence of additional clandestine underground facilities as well as the surprising location of one of the CIA's own underground bases.

Plus, new information on tunneling and cutting-edge, high speed rail magnetic-levitation (MagLev) technology. There are many rumors of secret, underground tunnels with MagLev trains hurtling through them. Is there truth behind the rumors? Underwater and Underground Bases carefully examines the evidence and comes to a thought provoking conclusion!

264 pages, 6x9 Paperback, Illustrated, Bibliography, Index.

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