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The Bush's & Knights of Columbus
2006 08 22

By Nicholas N. Rivera |

They are Knights of Columbus. Roman Catholic Jeb Bush is himself a Third Degree Knight of Columbus according to his brother Skull and Bonesman Luciferian Crypto-Catholic George W. Bush in his speech to the 122nd Annual Knights of Columbus Convention in Dallas, Texas, Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2004.

From - President Discusses Compassionate Conservative Agenda in Dallas

4th Degree Logo from:

"'I'm proud to say that my family has contributed to your ranks. A few years ago, Governor Jeb -- (applause) -- became a Knight. (Applause.) And he -- yes -- and he recently took his Third Degree. (Applause.) I'll see him this weekend. His son is getting married. I'll pass on the word, aim for the Fourth."

Jeb Bush received an award from the Knights of Malta of Florida on March 11 2006

From - Challenge from the Chair (last paragraph):

Finally, on the occasion of the 7th Annual Order of Malta South Florida Gala, the Board of Directors has voted to bestow The Honorable Jeb Bush, Governor of the State of Florida with its Ethic of Life Award for Outstanding Service towards the defense of life and human dignity of the unborn. Congratulations Governor!
Tell that to the family of Terry Schiavo! Jeb Bush most certainly does not have an ethic of life!

Emperor Bush, in his speech to the K of C mentioned that the Knights of Columbus head the White House Office of Community and Faith Based Initiatives in the person of K of C James Towey. According to Luciferian Emperor Bush "I needed someone to lead this program, so guess who I turned to? The Knights. (Applause.) I found Towey. Jim Towey is the Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. He's with me. You know what his job is? His job is to help the faith community -- by the way, all faiths, all faiths -- Christian, Jew, or Muslim -- all faiths understand what is possible now. His job is also to make sure the federal government is a hospitable place for faith programs to work with. Let's be frank about it. Many faith-based programs don't want to interface with government. You know why? They're afraid of losing the ability to practice their faith. How can you be a faith-based program if you're not allowed to practice your faith?

Towey's job -- (applause) -- so Towey has got a big job, it's to change a culture, a suspicious culture, and we're making progress. A suspicious culture in Washington, a suspicious culture in the grassroots. Here's Towey's story. He goes to meet Mother Teresa for the first time. He shows up at one of her homes for the dying in India, and the sister who greeted him assumed he was there to work. (Laughter.) That's what I assume every day that Towey shows up. (Laughter.) So she gave Jim some cloth, and said, go clean the sores of a dying man. He says it changed his life, that experience. He went on to work full-time for the Missionaries of Charity. Incredibly enough, Jim Towey, Director of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives in the White House, was Mother Teresa's lawyer. I ask you, what kind of society is it where Mother Teresa needs a lawyer? (Laughter and applause.) It's a society that needs tort reform. (Laughter and applause.)

Bush also said, "I also appreciate the Knights' of Columbus stand on the federal judiciary. I have a responsibility as President to make sure the federal judicial system runs well. I have nominated superb men and women for the federal -- for the federal benches who will strictly and fully interpret the law, not legislate from the bench. (yeah right like Knight of Columbus Samuel Alito Jr. and Opus Dei and [Jesuit] John Carroll Society member U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts?)

The Bush family is a tool of the Papacy. George H. W. Bush is a Knight of Malta as is Prescott Bush Jr. Pro-Nazi Skull and Bonesman Prescott Bush Sr. was trained by the Jesuits of Stonyhurst.

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera

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