The Olympics 2012
2012: important "Illuminati year"
(for obvious reasons)

Just look at the Candidate Cities:

London, UK

Madrid, Spain

Moscow, Russia

New York, USA

Paris, France

Tim Rifat on London 2012 & Camilla Parker Bowles

Updated 2005 07 07:
It's London 2012

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Television History - The First 75 Years - 1936 German (Berlin) Olympics

11th Summer Olympic Games 1936

Opening Ceremonies: I'm a big fan of irrelevant opening ceremonies and these were as garish as anyone could hope for. I didn't watch them myself, but I gather that they had eighty-foot-high glowing jellyfish, which naturally signify something very important. While trying to find out what was actually in the opening ceremonies, I found that the Olympic Web site claims that the opening ceremonies were "shrouded in secrecy and steeped in tradition," which makes them sound more like the initiation into the Illuminati. Which may also include Djakapurra the Songman and his magic dust, for all I know.
From: What I Like About The Olympics

Olympics and Television