Aquila & Phoenix, Hammer & Sickle, Square & Compass

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Above is the Austria coat of arms
Austria came out of the Holy Roman Empire from the Byzantine Empire

More on: Globus cruciger & Sovereign's Orb

More on the bird: Roman Eagle, Aquila

Phoenix, Aquila & The Eagle

More on: Ahura Mazda and the Seal of Atlantis Enki/Ea/Enlil (The Ring Lord)

Mazda (Ahura Mazda) | Mozart and Zoroaster

Hammer & Sickle

Russian SFSR Coat of Arms

Flag of Angola as of 1975

The "G " - first letter of Guadeloupe but also stylised "sickle & hammer"

More: Guadeloupe - Communist Party Flags

Jordan Maxwell - Questions

Armand Hammer

Flag of East Germany

Thor Mythology (Hammer)

Saturn carrying a sickle [Father Time]

Communist Party of Britain

Jordan Maxwell on Freemasonic Symbolism

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