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And yet the ascension process continues, but with much more fervor, intensity and rapidity that we have experienced thus far. As we are elevated higher and higher, the veil is lifted and much is revealed. There are more opportunities than ever before for clarity. As the cloudiness dissipates, we are beginning to finally see what we could not see before.

As our vibration reaches these higher frequencies, the lower vibrations of the old have become virtually intolerable. If you are finding yourself unable to go out, unable to participate in your usual activities, and unable to be in the presence of individuals with "issues", you are only ascending. There is nothing wrong with you.

A few years ago, when I began the ascension process in earnest, I was experiencing what I believed were "issues" and imbalances that needed to be cleared. At that time I was using EFT for clearing and I remember "tapping" for "only doing what I wanted to do" and "no acceptance of the lower vibrations".

No matter how much I "tapped", I could not clear these imbalances. There was good reason. In the higher realms, we are meant to do only what we want to do and whenever we want to do it. This is the natural way of being. In addition, unbeknownst to me at that time, an intolerance of lower/denser energies is a part of ascension. All was in order, as it is now.

As we can no longer tolerate these old ways and patterns, we can no longer be in their presence. We are vibrating so high now, that the chasm is great from the "higher" to the "lower".

And in addition, we are now at a vibrational and evolutionary point where we are "calling" everyone and everything on these imbalances and lower ways. They cannot exist in our New World and they must go. We are vibrating much higher than they are and they just do not fit in or feel right.

We are not bad, ugly or unaccepting during this time; we are simply asending. In the higher realms, "issues" do not exist. Unpleasantness does not exist. DISAPPOINTMENT does not exist. Confusion does not exist.

This is why when we experience these things, we almost begin to cry, because at some level, whether conscious of it or not, we are no longer in that kind of world and we cannot take it anymore.

If you are also having experiences of things not flowing and feeling as though nothing is going right for you, you are simply vibrating higher than the old ways of being and there is now a "mismatch" from you to the "old". We are also creating differently now through our vibration alone.

I received a wonderful and exciting e-mail recently from the mother of a sensitive four year old named Luz Maria. She said "Luz Marķa's mami is going to a trip, she will go into a starship, she will go to another planet and Luz Marķa will be here, waiting for her, and then, her mami will back with Luz Marķa".

Yes, we have been "lifted up" into the higher realms where nothing of the old can reach us. We are, in essence, being held safe by our star families, as there will be so much catastrophic change this year and we need not be a part of it. All this week I have felt an enormous amount of "protection" around me and a great sense of peace and well-being. Know that all is in order and there is most certainly a plan being implemented.

In addition, during this year of monumental change, as the veil is feeling thinner and thinner, the star beings will most certainly arrive. This will be a good time to remember discernment.

As we go "higher" and "higher" and need to adjust to a "higher altitude", some of us are feeling very sleepy and tired. The past few days I have been barely able to keep my eyes open and have been sleeping extremely soundly. But we are all in different stages at different times according to our individual plans and purpose. All is in order.

Another pattern is emerging for some as well. Some are having a timely re-connection with their biological human families. We are strengthening and reconnecting our familial DNA and getting ready to utilize our original blueprint for our soul path and purpose. Part of this bloodline comes from our original biological family.

As the veil is becoming non-existent and all is being revealed, we are remembering our oneness as well. Seeing the beauty in a pair of eyes that are a deep brown when yours are blue, and feeling a familiarity with a dark brown skin when yours is white, is a blending of the oneness of all and a remembering of our shared energies from times past.

We infused our energy everywhere. We have been much and have been all. As the New World begins to emerge, I have been seeing it rise from the depths of the oceans.

We were present when the original Earth was formed. We were part of the planning committee. We knew we would need to bury this sacred blueprint for this time that is NOW, and now we are here to experience the unveiling of this oh so familiar energy soon to arrive in full force in March.

As these original energies are fully re-united, expressed and released, a chain reaction will occur on the planet, releasing all that is no longer in alignment in a grand geographical pattern of reverberating, realigning and releasing in the physical.

We have been readied. We will be fine. Since December of 2004, we have been undergoing an intense preparation process to enable us to accept this vibration. The Earth will now, then, become readied as well to become the pallet for the New World of our creation.

If you are feeling disconnected, lost, and uncomfortable with much around you, there exists a great antidote. If you can, create a sacred space in your home or in your space. Spend as much time as you can creating. Sew, paint, write, sing, design, or just enjoy nature. I have been spending much time lately simply "being"; looking at the clouds with my cat, enjoying a sunset, and just lying there.

With these higher realms at our disposal, it is very easy now to access them. If you can, give yourself permission to do nothing and just bask. Know that this is your natural state of being. Know that all of your needs are already met. Know that you are not responsible for a thing. Just be and create.

As the higher realms require no attachments, we are also rapidly releasing any responsibilities. We are no longer feeling comfortable "carrying" anyone, feeling responsible for their process, or dragging them along. In addition, we can no longer attach ourselves to others, ride on their energy and hook into their help.

All the answers are within us now, and we are rapidly being wired to be unique, self-contained and in our own glorious individuality of self-expression. The New World will consist of simply creating, experiencing and being.

We will each have a special and unique contribution and be very needed as a part of creating the whole with our own special gifts, talents and joys. There will be no pulling, connecting to, supporting and uplifting. No ties that bind.

And in this very freeing way of being, we will create a beautiful unity and whole. This is happening now. This is why we are weary of "helping" and weary of being "helped". We are not being selfish or ornery, we are only ascending. We will delight in the arts, in entertainment, in new inventions, in the creativity.

The density is actually already gone, we need only shift gears, know that there is no suffering, and give it up. (If you can let go and "give it up", your weight will begin to drop as well.)

As we progress in this way and finally realize that there is no suffering and never has been, that all our confinements and limitations were just our own self-imposed beliefs and illusions, we will then be catapulted into the higher realms.

We were just playing a big game and wanted the drama to make things feel real. We bought into much. We will soon remember that the Earth was created as a pallet to experience and play. We will also remember each other and laugh at how we got so caught up in the big illusion; but we loved the experience of FEELING!

And as we begin to awaken to this state of being, we will remove ourselves from any of the remaining "old" and feel very contented to create the New within our homes and our surroundings, unwilling to buy into and experience what has existed thus far in this particular human experience.

And by the end of 2005, I have been seeing for many months, that we will have all that we need with great support and a grand and glorious lifestyle to match. Our old lives and any old experiences of suffering and limitations will be a distant memory of an old and forgotten world.

Feeling good and peaceful will be the road and will be our guide. It will be a priority and thus, a piece of the plan that brings us to the space of creating the New World.

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contibution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,

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