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Transitioning, Transitioning, Transitioning


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As we progress through this extraordinary time of transition in the physical, much is occurring. The strange and frequent dreams persist, a great "push" to move to New locations, and again, those interesting physical and emotional sensations.....

With the great "sadness" increasing, it is almost as if we are mourning. This past week brought in periods if intense sadness and grieving, as we are beginning to feel at some levels, the great losses (as we seem to emotionally interpret them) that are yet to come. For me, these feelings seemed to occur only every other day, and again, with intent and focus on the New, could evaporate in a few minutes.

And yes, the bouts of crying continue. This is an amazing, one of a kind and miraculous process we are experiencing and it is wreaking havoc with our emotional systems, as all is "breaking down" within and without. At this stage of our evolutionary process, MUCH, MUCH is happening and we are feeling it.

Yesterday brought another burst of "upgrading" energy, but with an exciting New twist. Dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations, feelings of a "swirling" around us with an almost ethereal earmark, left me feeling ungrounded.

Not being able to get warm has been prevalent as well, as this seems to occur during times of transition. (When I experienced a substantial and dramatic personal shift some months back, I spent a lot of time shivering and under blankets, almost as if I were in shock.)

But the difference in yesterday's energy was the buoyancy it created. Very "light", I felt as if I were floating with no density to hold me down. What is occurring now is a "lift up" into the higher realms of energy, there-by ensuring our "safety" in times to come. We have been lifted up into a higher vibrational frequency and space, so that all that will soon leave in the physical will most certainly be in the Old World, where we are not residing.

This new infusion has created, as well, a need for sleep and eating (fuel) as we again integrate. But know that at times we are all on our own particular timeline with these experiences.

As we have just received "assistance" with this new "uplifting" placing us where we need to be, we can intentionally go there as well. If you a feeling the lower, darker and denser emotions and energies, a very quick fix is to elevate yourself to the higher realms or New World. You can do this by envisioning an incredible New World that is here for the taking and soon to be created, and also by doing something creative or that makes you feel oh so good.

What doesn't feel as good is what is LEAVING and that is ALL in the Old World and lower realms. At this point we can navigate where we choose to be by adjusting our perception (things that may seem horrible are actually for the best and in perfect divine order), by placing ourselves in any New energy, and by removing ourselves as much as possible from all the old ways and current existing systems (or if you choose, just not focusing on them, there-by not including them in your reality).

We are experiencing a TREMENDOUS transition now, as it is now manifesting in the physical. Those who have been especially tuned into the higher realms and spend more time there than here, went through a big transition when it occurred in the ethereal. Those that spend more time grounded in the physical, will experience much more transitioning energy now, as this is our current status.

As you may be tripping around, stumbling, and feeling awkward and uncoordinated while you are "in between", know that this is a result of the physical being the last to "move up" into the higher realms. Yes, it is finally time for the physical to transition.

Very prevalent now is the relocation to New geographical areas and homes. Our souls are guiding us, so we can never be where we should not. The desires and pulls are strong. Some have arrived in areas where they are and will be setting up "camp". They are holding the space (or "gatekeeping") for the New energy spots that will carry their own particular vibration and purpose. If you are one, know that it may be lonely at first, but others who share your vibrational theme will soon arrive.

Others are moving to New "temporary" areas where they have migrated in order to help and assist with their special gifts and talents during the turbulent physical times to come. And all will of course, be safe. The areas then, that will experience dramatic shifts and cleansings will also be areas full of lightworkers. They are there to help and to hold the New frequencies as well. And some will stay.

Many areas due to experience the most dramatic shifts will be the New areas of great spiritual energy. We will all be right where we need to be, and there is no need to force a plan, worry, figure anything out or "try". Just trust, have fun and follow your heart and longings.

There is a fair amount of "glitchy" energy present now, as part of us is here, still there, and also over there. We may absolutely know that we will be over "there", but still find ourselves "here", resulting in feelings of being scattered, displaced and torn in too many directions. Our physical is the last to catch up. In many cases a slow progression of steps needs to be followed to ensure the greatest of comfort.

Relationships, jobs, and residences may suddenly just end without cause or provocation, as it is now time for this New Chapter and phase of the New Planet Earth to unfold and exist, and our programming and souls are kicking in for those who have chosen to stay. The other realities were part of the Old World and the Old World is rapidly leaving. People will be rapidly leaving the Earth plane along with all else of the Old World as the New World fully arrived on December 12, 2004.

With all the tense and shifting energy present around us in the physical, at times it seems to feel the best just to stay home. This is in alignment and in tandem with the energy that arrived yesterday, placing us in the higher realms of our personal sanctuaries and in the higher frequencies that we are creating, there-by resulting in a very different vibration from what is falling around us.....naturally separating us energetically through a "mis-match" situation.

As this moving chessboard of like energies attracting like energies continues and places us in the perfect locations, relationships and work (joy), be ready to experience the fulfillment and joy we have been longing for.

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contibution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


Our Reader's Question:

"I have a question regarding what we want to create for the New World. My understanding is that the New World is unlike anything we have experienced before. If that is the case, and I want to create a loving peaceful, joyful world, how can I do that if the only experiences of these feelings were based in the 3rd dimensional world? Same as the relationships with our Soulmates. I haven't felt anything like what I feel I will when I meet him, but I can't seem to fully experience the new feeling as I don't even know what it is yet.

As I feel I am coming more into my truth, the more detached I get and the less 'loving' I appear. I still care very much for my friends, but there seems to be less of a connection, less need to be needed, or to help. Anybody else experiencing this? "

Sincerely, E.

Karen's Response:

Dear E.:

The higher we vibrate and the more we experience this evolutionary process we are undergoing, the more we begin to see things differently, and certainly from a higher dimensional perspective. It is quite amazing when all begins to be revealed. It can make one feel that we have been in kindergarten and in the dark under a blanket! Things feel very differently in the higher realms, and as we will, and are already naturally vibrating higher, therefore we will know, experience and feel different things than we have ever felt and known before.

From my experiences in the higher realms, I have found that much that we have read is inaccurate and we unknowingly accepted and bought into many things. Your last question is a great example. In the higher realms, we are not attached to anything but Source (this is why the ascension process involves no attachments and releasing most of everything). The energy is pure and does not intermingle with other energies.

There is no need to be needed as that is attachment energy, as well as is "helping". In the higher realms, we have everything we need and know it, and all souls are simply experiencing their own vibration which creates their own unique reality. We are the ultimate creators as we are Source. "Helping" in most, but not all situations is a meddling in another's process.

You may feel less loving because we haven't really understood what love really is. In the higher realms, for instance in regard to soulmates, we come together to simply enjoy each other's company and what all have to OFFER and EXPRESS through their own special and unique vibrations. There is no needing or balancing each other, as we are whole and complete within ourselves.

APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE (along with admiration and respect) are the most prevalent feelings of love. And as for compassion and forgiveness, they simply do not exist there. Forgiveness has no place as all know that like energy attracts like energy and therefore nothing has gone wrong and there are no victims. Compassion creates a situation where one would need to lower their vibration in order to be in alignment with the "compassionate" situation, and that would not happen. What would happen instead would be a total loving, complete and respectful energy for the recipient, letting them know what a powerful creator they are and that they can absolutely handle their situation.

Thinking we need to go around being in compassion and love all day long in order to ascend is a ridiculously tall order and certainly puts us in a position which is highly unrealistic. If we are continually feeling compassionate, then I would say that we are not respecting an individual's process of creation and indicating that something is "wrong", which it never is. In addition, we are giving energy to the uncomfortable situation and further adding to its existence. I have found it best to see them in their power and therefore create just that in them as well. (But it is always easy to automatically ask and care about an individual's situation. I still do it too. And I still cannot bear to see suffering!)

I remember being in the throws of a very tumultuous and what felt like horribly suffering ascension process, and my ascension guide said to me, "You would not be experiencing this if you could not handle it. Your reaction is making things 50% more difficult than need be." I immediately felt better. And in addition, as we evolve, we lose the "drama".

Yes, these times can be difficult and we all CARE very much. I would say to just keep on experiencing and welcoming these New and sometimes strange changes and experiences, and know that you are very cared about and will be just fine.

Many blessings to you in your special and unique ascension experience,


Sherri's Response: (Although not affiliated with What's Up On Planet Earth?, Sherri contributes her special and unique contribution and insights through the Question & Answer section)

Hi E.:

Even though you have not experienced anything like what you may expect the New World to be for you, you have stated that it is your desire to create a loving, peaceful, joyful world. When that is your intention and if it is a stronger vibration than any other in relation to what you wish to see in your New World, that is what you will create. Don't be concerned about creating anything based on old energy. But you may want to ask for guidance as to how you can begin creating with the new energies. Trust your intuition, allow yourself to listen to any guidance that may come your way and know that it will happen naturally. You could even let go of how it will happen and what you need to do about it. You have made your statement to the universe that you wish to have a loving, peaceful, joyful world as your experience. You could then just pay attention to living in the moment, enjoying each day, looking for ways to feel good with great expectations of things to come! Soon you may notice that you are in the midst of the New World and all you had to do was to keep your vibration and energy level up and focus on the joys of each day! We don't need to make this a complicated or confusing process. The universe, Source, our inner guidance will lead the way if we choose to allow it into our experience! It can be as simple as that - isn't that wonderful?

As for relationships and soulmates, trust that it will all fall into place. Have great expectations and focus on wonderful outcomes. Old friends will begin to naturally fall away if you are not a match to each others energy/vibration. We all have our own timing and the energy changes we go through are all so individual. You probably can't know exactly what the experience will be like when you meet a soulmate, but when it happens it will be like nothing you have ever experienced before and that will be your first big clue!

I see all of this as an exciting adventure where we are all like pioneers forging ahead into new frontier - where no man has gone before! As long as you are having fun, enjoying what is happening and feeling good nothing else really matters! Just relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the ride!

Wishing you much JOY on your path and wonderful experiences in your creating!


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