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Whats Up on Planet Earth - The Tears

By Karen Bishop


As a sadness fills the air, along with an emptiness and still, a deep pressure and tension, we may feel like crying buckets of tears. Not knowing where we are or where we may be headed, or perhaps just a feeling of being lost and disoriented, as if our foundation had totally disappeared and something has most certainly changed, we are being rocked from our foundations of the Old World.

We may feel as if we have no sense of place, don't know who we are or what we "should" be doing, or really what in the world is going on.

If you feel like crying and crying and crying, know that this is part of the deep cleansing we are experiencing along with Mother Earth. As we are all comprised of the same ingredients and energy as nature and the earth, the recent tsunami shook the earth and its inhabitants to the core, uprooting much of the old energy and then washing away all that remained. A large "chunk" of density has disappeared, within us and without.

Energetically, we have experienced a sort of trauma and great restructuring within ourselves. This can manifest as muscle and body aches, as our physical forms have been rocked to the core as well.

We may be unusually tired again, as this is always the process of release and integration. We are probably used to it by now! And in addition, the "pushing" energy we may be feeling has us scurrying around, trying to get things ready and done, for what, we may not consciously know.

Crying is a wonderful release and water is a vital aspect of this process. The water, the water, the water. I had been told several years ago that the amazing aspects of water have yet to be realized, and now we are seeing much to do with water. For me, feeling the endless tears stream down my face felt strangely right and good, and most certainly necessary.

And as always, drinking lots of it and immersing ourselves in it (preferably in a pool), can bring much relief and calmness. Water is a great neutralizer with many hidden gifts and purposes. And in oh so many ways, the New World will emerge from the water.

All is releasing and cleansing together. It really helps to just LET GO, as this is a necessary process. Yes, something has been let go energetically, and there now exists an empty space and we are feeling it. It feels as though something is most certainly gone.

And we are only beginning this part of the process. The changes and "upgrading" we are experiencing are now finally occurring in the physical, and as we know, the physical is the last to change, so this is really then, wonderful news.

As we seem to know at some level that something is gone, we are also sensing that there is yet much more of this "disappearing" yet to come. But we all know as well, that all is in divine and perfect order. In addition, things may "feel" strange because we are picking up on many emotions around us and at some level, also connecting to our inner and higher knowingness.

I have recently felt as though I have been the "worst" me I have ever been. I keep telling my business partner Sherri that I really don't particularly like me right now. Sherri and I both seem to come to the same conclusion that in part, many of us are most likely feeling the "intolerance" for the lower vibrations, as the higher we vibrate, the worse everything else feels that has yet to "upgrade"! And the intolerance only gets more and more intense, making us edgy, snippy and argumentative.

Yes, our surroundings may still be reflecting the old energy and do not feel good or "right" to be in, but these feelings will greatly assist us in creating what feels GREAT.....the New World. If we want to feel better, we best move forward and create what feels oh so good and oh so right.

Again, we can tap into many "streams" of reality and energy. Why not tap into and become a part of what is coming and is, actually, already here? When we tap into that energy pocket of our creativity, of the possibilities and of the best part of ourselves and our passion, we are elevating ourselves into the higher dimensions. It is a matter of choice and intention.

I know that when I "pull out" of the mainstream and stay home and write and sew, and putter around my property, I feel wonderful. And I am so ready for self-sustainable living. Are you?

By being in the moment, TRUSTING that this is a perfect and orderly process, and by letting go, we can really begin to tap into the higher realms. By not "trying" to do everything ourselves, by ALLOWING Source energy to do the legwork and take care of us, and by being in our creativity and passion, we can really feel our connection to Source, as it is readily there.

Are you ready to disengage from what is "leaving" and tap into and live in the New reality of the New World and the higher dimensions? Can you "give it up" and let go, TRUST and jump into the higher realms where all your needs are always met while you are in your passion and creativity, and just being YOU? Are you ready to embrace the knowingness that you are not responsible for everything, and you can now just enjoy yourself and have fun?

Take a step. Cross over. Try it. It is right at your fingertips.....

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contibution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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