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Stonehenge: a Deeper truth?
Updated: 2005 04 11

Recieved via email by Mason Basher

Stone (or is it iron) henge (Update)
Hello another piccy of Barrats version of stonehenge for you archives.
(mason basher)

Fake rock covering Stones at Amesbury or optical illusion?
I visited Wiltshire over Easter and visted Stonehenge.
A few days ago I was sent an-email about pictures of stonehenge showing some sort of metal under fake rock( see circle). I didn't use the link and laughed it off.

I went to collect my photo's today and as you see below it sure looks strange.It really does look like a metal block under the stone.
It may be optical illusion but i assure you all at Illuminati uncovered that this photo was taken by your very own Mason Basher's little pinkies on Good Friday this year and is untouched.

These Images have only been cropped and resized from Original

Thanks to Mason Basher for image

From Susan and Doug | Posted on David Icke's Headlines Page

Dear David,

In February of this year, we visited England. I was drawn to visit Stonehenge, and so we did get the opportunity to go. While we were there, we took some pictures and video. We were shocked at what we discovered, because one of the outside stones was not what we have been told they are.

We took video and pictures, and we are sending them to you. You will see immediately in the pictures that these stones are not solid stone as we have been taught. They have some kind of iron or steel inside, which are smooth and rectangular something like a huge steel beam, and you can see from the pictures that the stone has been chipped away, exposing the iron-like insides. Just thought you might like to see these. Perhaps you and others are already aware of this, but I have not seen anything on the web about these stones as of yet.

Thanks for any input you can give regarding this. All we know is, they have lied horribly about Stonehenge, and perhaps about our entire archaeological history. The implications to me are of huge magnitude, at least in these three dimensional lives we are living right now.

Thanks for trying to spread the Love, David.
Susan and Doug, Kennesaw, GA

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