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A Soul Feels the Potential

By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

Tuning into the soul which transcends limited incarnation concepts, we begin to sense the wholeness of what we will become. As habits are purged and pain is transformed to Joy, the energy trapped in the scaffolding of unconscious choice is resurrected with the power of enlightened decision.

To make the transition into the external world is an ongoing warrior mission to be taken one moment at a time. Initially, the expectations of others will be a hard obstacle to overcome. Guilt and resistance are normal by-products of awakening. Be still in knowing that the pain everyone feels is their own and they alone are responsible for it.

When the spring in a spirit blossoms forth the fruit that had lay dormant in the dusty corners of an as-yet-uninvigorated being, the fulfillment that was missing will be found. Showering the star-light of inspiration, the connection with God is made from the inside and expressed without reservation.

The dark night of the soul is when you are in the middle of the evolution/revolution. Old patterns are cleared out and new ones have yet to emerge. Just a little patience is needed….like a farmer who plants seeds every year without a doubt as to the potential bounty of the land. In living truthfully, sacred glory will arise. All of heaven will celebrate your arrival.

Kundalini rising,
C. Moors

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