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From Sex to Blackmail to Elite Mind Control - Can we solve this "Mystery"?
2005 03 14 - Updated 2005 04 12
Homosexuality, Gay Prostitution, Child Sex-rings, Pedophilia, George H. W. Bush, The White House, 911, Gosch/Guckert/Gannon, Hunter S. Thompson, Gary Webb, Mind Control, MK-Ultra, OSS, CIA, NSA, NASA, Secret Societies, the Illuminati, Blackmail & "Sex Magik". When will we tie all these things together?

By Henrik Palmgren |

Comment (2006 07 23): Most of the references to the torrent files in this article are probably outdated at this point! But the material is still out there!

I have collected a few links to a few videos and other files. I believe these are necessary to draw the lines between the nodes. I want more suggestions, connections, tips and your comments:

If you are unable to download huge files I suggest looking up where you can purchase a copy, why not buy a copy anyway and give to your friends. How long are we going to hide from this information? When are we going to face this problem? What better place then here, what better time then now?

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Noreen Speaks Out!
Archived Jeff Rense Show & Michael Corbin
Download from

1. Gannon Stories Ignite Internet, Television Again

Jeff Gannon is firmly back in the spotlight after a National Press Association appearance and an MSNBC show which discussed whether he was kidnapped paperboy Johnny Gosch.

Continue :Gannon-is-Gosch mystery makes new MSNBC show

2. Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide
WASHINGTON -- March 13, 2005 -- -- Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was recently arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly committed suicide four weeks ago on February 10, according to two phone interviews with attorney John DeCamp last week...

Continue: Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide

Read More:
  • Judiciary Committee quashes Democrats’ effort to demand credentialing info on ‘Gannon’
  • The Pink Triangle: Homosexuality Rampant in top Republican Circles: White House Staff’s Involvement
  • Rove-Gannon Connection?
  • The town that sold its children
  • GOP pedophilia and S&M trysts A long history going back to Bush 41 and Reagan
  • Tyranny Comes to Amerika - The "suicide" deaths of Hunter Thompson, Gary Webb and J.H. Hatfield show that reporters who expose the criminal activities of our political elite are risking their lives.
  • Is Dubya in the closet?

  • 3. Amber alert on Capitol Hill
    By Tom Flocco

    Witness says abducted children--23 now dead--abused by 20-30 pedophile members of congress at child sex parties held at Embassy Row mansion where Secret Service-secured presidential limo was seen parked outside

    Lincoln, NE -- March 28, 2005 -- -- Recently arrested photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson--who according to U.S. District court testimony [2-5-1999] was impersonated by another photographer at Capitol Hill child sex parties during the Reagan and Bush presidencies, told us last week that in 1988 he refused Hunter Thompson’s offer of $100,000 to film a graphic child sex "snuff movie to be sold to wealthy private clients where a young boy would be murdered as a sacrifice."

    "I’ve been homeless, in hiding and staying under the radar screen ever since," said Nelson.

    Continue: Amber alert on Capitol Hill

    4. Tom Flocco on the Jeff Rense Program
    * From April 5, 2005 - Tom Flocco - DC Pedophilia At Highest Levels
    Archived at: Rense Radio

    5. Elite Sex Slave Rings: The Gannon-Thompson Connection
    Alex Jones, John DeCamp & Tom Flocco - Who Are Involved in the Child Sex Rings
    Alex Jones, John DeCamp & Tom Flocco - Why is this Coming Out Now?

    Alex Jones interviews Tom Flocco on his latest story, Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide, and is also joined by former Senator John DeCamp to discuss the evidence of high level government pedophile rings and how they tie into the Jeff Gannon and Hunter S. Thompson stories.

    Download Radio Show: Tom Flocco, John DeCamp & Alex Jones (13 MB)

    6. Conspiracy Of Silence
    Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.

    Continue: Appalling Conspiracy Of Silence Video Online

    Download Video: Conspiracy Of Silence (41 MB)

    7. Kay Griggs - Top military are Being Blackmailed
    According to this ex-top-military leader's wife: All of the top military and (possibly) top political leaders are being blackmailed thru homosexual rituals. Is that why none of them openly oppose it? Why would the US military ignore 9-11 and other crimes? These excerpts from 8 hours of interview of Kay Griggs show one reason. Kay is another woman who wants a better world. Will the men give it to her?
    Is the Jeff Gannon issue forcing people to face the possibility that there is serious problem with the world's governments? By Erich Hufschmid

    Download Video: Desperate Wives Part 1 (15 MB) | Part 2 (19 MB)

    8. Representative Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld On Dyncorp Sex Rings, Missing Pentagon Trillions & 9/11 Wargames
    Here is a Video of Representative Cynthia McKinney's Exchange on the House Hearing on FY06 Dept. of DefenseBudget, March 11th, 2005.

    Watch how McKinney asks questions about Dyncorp slave rings. Rumseld and Myers forced to shuffle uncomfortably and fumble for words as McKinney gets in their face about three issues seldom mentioned in official circles.

    Audio excerpt. To view entire clip follow link below

    Mckinney - Grills Rumsfeld on Sex Rings - Alex Jones & Jeff Rense Follow Up
    Radio Show: Jeff Rense

    Download Video: Elite Prostitution and Pedophile Rings

    9. Boy Scout director charged with having child porn
    March 29, 2005 - A longtime Boy Scouts of America official who directed a national task force to protect children from sexual abuse has been charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

    Douglas Sovereign Smith Jr., 61, was accused of receiving images over the Internet in February of children engaging in oral sex, intercourse and other sexually explicit conduct. The charges were filed by federal prosecutors March 21.

    Read more: Boy Scout director charged with having child porn

    10. Alex Jones interviews Jim Rothstein - Elite Prostitution & Pedophile Rings
    Jim Rothstein is a retired New York City Detective. He investigated numerous cases of child sex slave rings which in many cases led right up to leading political figures. Paul Joseph Watson 'rides shotgun' to cover the rest of the news.

    Download Radio Shows: Elite Prostitution and Pedophile Rings

    11. Child Sex Rings and blackmail in Washington
    Whitley Strieber & Ray Grasse - Child Sex Rings and blackmail in Washington

    12. Ted Gunderson - Satanism & The CIA: International Trafficking in Children
    Ted Gunderson, the 27-year FBI veteran, former Los Angeles Senior Special Agent in Charge, shares compelling evidence and keen insight into the notorious McMartin PreSchool alleged child-molestation case. He shows the link between Satanic ritual-abuse, drug trafficking and the international trafficking in children by the CIA.

    Download Video: Ted Gunderson Lecture (74 MB)

    13. Ted Gunderson - Connecting the dots
    Ted Gunderson - The Finders
    Ted Gunderson - Covert Operations
    Ted Gunderson - Who is Jeff Gannon?
    Alex Merklinger & Ted Gunderson - Jeff Gannon & The Elite Satanic Cults
    Alex Merklinger & Ted Gunderson - Who Are The Child Peddlers?

    Mysteries of the Mind - from March 8, 2005. More on Gosch/Guckert/Gannon, CIA & International Trafficking in Children

    Download Radio Show: Mysteries of the Mind - Ted Gunderson (17 MB)

    14. Ex-FBI Gunderson: Gannon is Gosch Ted Gunderson, formerly the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angles office, and for more than 25 years a private investigator, appeared on the "Mysteries of the Mind" radio program March 8 where he confirmed that he has "a credible, reliable source" that says "Jeff Gannon" is indeed kidnapped paperboy Johnny Gosch.
    Continue: Ex-FBI Gunderson: Gannon is Gosch

    Read More: The Ted Gunderson Files

    15. Richard William Hamlin in Jail? Incest atrocities with connections to Mk-Ultra
    What we have found is that Dr. Sidney Siemer is a child molester. A child rapist. A predator who used methods of control he learned as a member of the Military Intelligence division of the US Army to further his crimes. Based on the evidence we have gathered we believe that Dr. Siemer was involved with the MK ULTRA program initiated by the Central Intelligence Agency. The MK ULTRA program taught men how to control and affect others through brain washing, and mind control methods using radiation and experimental biological agents. Susan described her father’s use of mind control as a mix of classical conditioning with hypnosis, electric shock, sensory deprivation, and family cult involvement to increase fear. Other witnesses tell of Dr. Siemer’s involvement in radiation experiments, covert operations, and have confirmed his high security clearance.

    Continue: Richard William Hamlin in Jail? Incest atrocities with connections to Mk-Ultra

    16. Sherman Skolnick - Blackmail, Corruption and Jeff Gannon
    Mysteries of the Mind - from March 4, 2005. Sherman Skolnick connects the dots

    Download Radio Show: Mysteries of the Mind - Sherman Skolnick (18 MB)

    Noreen Gosch, replay of June 22, 04
    Mysteries of the Mind - from March 10, 2005. Interview with Noreen Gosch, mother of missing Johnny Gosch. Author of "Why Johnny can't come home".

    Download Radio Show: Mysteries of the Mind - Noreen Gosch (18 MB)

    17. Gannon Cannon by Sherman Skolnick
  • Gannon Cannon - Part 1
    Bush Treason In Spy Whorehouse
  • Gannon Cannon - Part 2
    Bush Treason Violence In D.C. Whorehouse Mess
  • Gannon Cannon - Part 3
    Bush/FBI/CIA/IRS Role In Murders Of Federal Judge's Family
  • Gannon Cannon - Part 4
    Bush, The Russian Mafiya, And The Murder Of A Federal Judge's Family
  • Gannon Cannon - Part 5
    Bush-Fraud, Bribery, Monopoly And Murder Of Federal Judge's Family

  • 18. Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips - MK-Ultra and the Ruling Elite
    During the late 1940's the CIA produced and played starring role in what was then known as "Operation Paperclip". Operation Paperclip hinged on a misdirection campaign. The Misdirection was simple. The United States led the world to pursue many of the Nazi military officers who committed gross atrocities against their prisoners in at attempt to convict them of war crimes. This was highly publicized with a media fervor. Behind the scenes however, US Intelligence communities were recruiting Nazi scientists and renowned concentration camp medical doctors and psychiatrists. These men were all high ranking Nazi SS officers, who were guilty of committing grizzly and sometimes mind bending offenses that surpassed all else done in the war. Many of these men being recruited to work for us were the very men who were responsible for the horrors at Auschwitz and other camps. They received the option to either come work for us in such labs as Los Alamos for much more money than they received from the Germans, or be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes. Of course the decision for most was almost instant.

    MK Ultra is not just a conspiracy theory. The projects it encompassed came about expanding on the works of the Nazi doctors and scientists recruited from operation paperclip...

    Continue: History of MK Ultra

    More: TranceFormation of America | Monarch Mind Control

    Download Video: A Trance Formation - Lecture (608 MB) (4 Files) (Torrent might not be available due to Tracker Problems) (BitTorrent)

    19. CIA Mind Control Operation MK-ULTRA
    The Most Dangerous Game traces the history of top-secret CIA mind control operation MK-ULTRA: from the covert importation of NAZI scientists at the end of WWII, to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted on the patients of world famous psychiatric researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron – cut to the pulsing hypnotica of Mitchell Akiyama.

    Download Video: The Most Dangerous Game
    The Most Dangerous Game (B-Roll) (Right Click and Save as...)

    20. Arizona Wilder - The Illuminati Millennium Rituals
    Arizona Wilder conducted human sacrifice rituals for the Illuminati elite for decades. These included the British Royal Family, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, and a stream of world famous names revealed in "The Biggest Secret" and the video, "Revelations of a Mother Goddess", available through this website ( ~ see book and studio catalogs) Since she escaped from her mind controlled confinement, she has dedicated herself to exposing what is happening. I received this letter from her dated May 25th 1999 in which she details the key points in the Illuminati ritual programme running up to the Millennium...

    Continue: Arizona Wilder - The Illuminati Millennium Rituals

    More: ‘The Manchurian Candidate’: All-American Conspiracy

    21. Mission Mind Control
    A 1979 documentary about the CIA's experiments in mind control and the MK Ultra program

    Download Video: Mission mind control - Part one: Origins

    22. George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse
    Many of the pictures of the young children peering out from posters and milk cartons that have disappeared in the United States have fallen victim to this global sex trade. They indeed may have been lucky for there is a much more sinister side to child molestation. In fact, it is undoubtedly the most macabre and hideous aspect to evolve out of the United States use of Nazi scientists, the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA. This grotesque project of ghastly experiments in mind control evolved out of earlier CIA projects in search for a truth serum. The roots for such a project date back to the wartime OSS search for a truth serum. During the war, the OSS began a search for a truth serum to use on captured U-boat prisoners. The experiments were limited and the only drug they found to produce desirable results was cannabis. According to author Anthony Cave Brown in the Last Hero, the experiments were limited to testing on one person. Additionally Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University carried out experiments paralleling the Nazis brain washing methods by drugs and hypnosis. Estabrooks connections with the army, CID, FBI and other agencies are still shrouded in secrecy. However, it seems that the doctor could not help but talk about his experiments occasionally and what is know of his work comes from his loose tongue.

    Read More: George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse

    23. Stewart Swerdlow, History of Mind Control, Montauk & The Philadelphia Experiment
    For those of you who want to get more into Mind Control and the "higher" connections. I suggest looking up Stewart Swerdlow and of course David Icke

    Download Video: Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control (344.57 MB and 263.94 MB) (2 Video Files) (Torrent might not be available due to Tracker Problems) (BitTorrent)

    Stay Tuned...

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