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Communiqués – Febuary 2005 For those about to rock...

By Michael Sharp |

Hello and welcome back!

Well, what can I say?

The earth is in turmoil.

Gaia is rumbling and shaking, spouting and spewing (volcanoes and earthquakes off the scale).

The powers that be are huffing and puffing and trying to blow the ascension house down.

And the people of this earth are looking around and asking, WTF is going on?

And are we surprised? Are we concerned? Do we worry about the outcome?!

The answer is an unequivocal NO!

We’ve known that this was coming for a long time.

Even in this life we’ve been hearing about it since birth. But our anticipation goes much farther back.

Indeed, we’ve anticipated “this” for a thousand millennia and now here we are, finally, at the end-of-time.

What an exciting time to be alive!

Of course, being on the earth at this particular period is not without risks.

But then, when isn’t incarnating in a physical body of flesh and bones is without risk?

The answer?


There is nowhere in the universe that physical incarnation is not a little bit dangerous.

Even under the most carefully controlled conditions, accidents happen.

Of course, this earth is a different story. On this earth, the risks are quite a bit bigger compared to other places.

On this earth we have the cruelty of the Annunaki to deal with and this brings additional risk.

For example, on this earth, we have remnant Annunaki social and political systems that will spend trillions of dollars on bullets (and greasy artery hardening, fat inducing, foods) but spend nothing on starving children.

We live in a world where if you don’t have money, you die on the operating table.

It is a bit topsy-turvy I agree.

But that’s not all!

On this planet, there is the risk of accident industrial accident, the risk of being killed by a drunk driver, the risk of being poisoned by industrial effluent, the risk of being shot, tthe risk of being bombed, the risk of being born a different color, the risk of being eaten by sharks, the risk of being run over by a train.

Heck, on this planet you can be killed by a toothache (mouth infections, etc.) if you don’t have the money to pay for a dentist.

The list goes on and on.

But then, that’s life isn’t it.

We all understood “the risks” when we incarnated on this planet.

And please let there be no doubt about this.

We all understood the risks.

We all knew that if we incarnated on this planet at this period in time, we could die from industrial poison.

We all knew that if we incarnated, we could be called to war.

We all knew that if we were born, we might die in a violent, sudden volcanic eruption.

We knew and yet despite all the risk (so much greater and more painful than on other worlds), we choose to incarnate.


Simply because when we are asked to incarnate on this planet (now or at anytime in the past), none of us focused on the risk at all. We could not have cared less if we were burned at the stake a dozen times, drawn and quartered a hundred times, or died in a painfully aged body a thousand times.

All we saw was the opportunity to be on this earth at this exact moment in history.

The possibility of losing our physical vessel in a moment of unconscious geological turmoil was trivial compared to the excitement we felt at being one of the chosen few (a few billion out of trillions and trillions of souls) to be incarnated on this earth when “it” finally happened.

We were focused not on the possible death of the body but the possible resurrection of the universe in this grand ascension experiment!

This is what has kept us strong through the countless bloody sacrifices that we have made in preparation for our role in this Divine drama.

Despite the almost unendurable physical pain, despite the seemingly endless period of training, despite the thousands of screams of our spirit, still we sacrificed.

Still we incarnated.

Still we were born.

And all for the chance to be the first to be physically reborn in the collective ascension of this planet and the entire universe.

And now, sitting at the edge of time and looking over the progress of the project all I can say to you is congratulations!!

Be proud!

Be happy!!

The end (of the old world) is here!!!

Let it go.

Let it go.


The new world is being born from the hearts and minds of the people.

And it will be a beautiful new world.

How do I know?

Because it must be. Because the new world will be an expression of the Divinity in all of us.

Because deep down buried beneath a thousand years of pain oh so carefully protected from a millions years of sacrifice and horror is your soul.

And your soul is a beautiful thing.

It is pure love.

Pure awareness.

Pure Divinity.

And no matter how muddy the light has become “out here,” deep down it is still the marvelous spark of Divine innocence it always was.

And it is this divinity that you shall now shine on this earth.

You shall now show the way forward for all who choose to remember.

Here is what you have to do.

Blast those chakras wide open using The Great Invocation []. Do not let worries about the status of the eld earth or concern over the unknown unfolding of the new earth prevent you from acting as a full portal for Divine energy.

Do not be afraid of your own power.


Full power.

Full steam.

Visualize every day, every hour, every spare minute that you have literal gushers of energy flying out of each of your seven chakras. Visualize huge fire hoses of light spilling into this physical earth.

Know that you are no longer merely a physical body.

Know that you are no longer merely hands and legs and eyes.

You are a being of pure light and love and you are incarnating in a vehicle of pure, focused energy.

So visualize this.

Visualize energy exploding from your chakras.

Visualize your body engulfed in a ball of blazing multicolored light.

Visualize your sphere expanding and expanding to encompass first your body, then your home, then your town, and the entire world.

Do this every day, every minute, and every second you remember.

Keep the ball of light that encompasses your body and this earth steady.

Never let it dwindle.

Only strengthen it!

Each time you think about it, add more light – and not just a trickle of light.

Add another universe of light.

Add an entirely new layer of energy.

The energy of creation is limited only by your imagination so imagine unlimited energy pouring through you.

Build and build and build until the light is so brilliant that the light of your Spirit and your energy illuminates not only this earth but the entire multidimensional physical universe (yes, you are that powerful).

Recognize that in this ascension process, you are like a sun to the entire physical universe.

You are the sun of God and it is your energy that will ascend creation and usher the Divine world order into existence and we shall now decree that this Divine World order shall be devoid of hierarchy, inequality, poverty, suffering, toil, and slavery.

Recognize your power.

Embrace your Divinity.

And have no fear.

Everything is in place.

Everything is in order.

Nothing will be lost.

Everything will be gained.

So blast those chakras open.

It is time.


Michael Sharp

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