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The Slowing of Reality Systems and The Collapse of (old modes of) Reality Systems
By Rebeka Michaels Watson |

Transmission from The Hathors and from The Arcturians
Part One of a two part message by Rebeka Michaels Watson
March 24 2005

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We would like to present a portion of our perspective concerning your current status of existence. As we View the Harmonics of Sound and Color in relation to the energies which are currently present upon your Earth, running through the Lands, transversing through your planetary and personal energetic fields as well as through the physiologies of all life on earth (we refer to ALL life which is present and in Transition such as plants, animals, mammals, crystals, rocks, minerals…all life upon this planet) we observe many levels of existence, phases of survival, Transition, Ascension, Evolution and Involution. The planet itself is in various phases of Transition, transformation, transmutation, Involution and varying degrees of Ascension. It is our Purpose to be more predominant at This Time in your and your planet’s Process as we have experienced this in our own civilization and it is our Honor and a responsibility, so to speak, we have Accepted for This Time in this universe and galaxy.

Let us first address the situations as we observe them and then we shall share a bit more on our presence with you at This Time. After we are complete with this transmission, a group from the Arcturian System or Universe desires to share information regarding their presence and the Arcturian Home Energy which they have brought to Earth and is in utilization at This Time. They sourced, and magnified this Arcturian Home Energy to your planet on your tracking date of March 20 2005. They will continue to amplify and assist in your personal and planetary processes through the delivery and presencing of this Energy.

To return to our main discussion point….the current unfolding status of Earth and all life which exists upon the planet. As we have stated, there are many, many phases---truly uncountable phases as viewed from a Newtonian, 3rd or 4th dimensional reality/thought process/belief system----happening upon your planet at This Time. We will focus during this transmission on a finite number.

Reality Systems
We will begin with the current observed, believed, accepted as reality “systems” which appear to have the function of perpetuating life upon your planet. In true essence they are illusions, bubbles of reality which are holographic in their energetic composition and their ‘substance’ which appears real to you and at most times appears to either “allow you to live” or which may be the ‘death of you’. We are not speaking of what is termed Earth Changes, nor will we address those at this time because they are a separate evolution and involution process which merges and weaves through the humanity and all the existing life processes at This Time of the Shift of Consciousness of Existence upon your planet and here in the vastness of your universe and the surrounding universes. We will refer to the “systems” which are governing your lives at this time as “reality systems” for clarification, because they are ONLY based, foundationed, transmitted, ‘held in place’ (so to speak!), and actually exist AT ALL due to the REALITY of the holder…..this is you. The “reality systems” we are directly addressing in this transmission are the monetary systems (banking, commerce, stock markets) which your lives revolve around at this point in evolution. These systems are not corrupt or use-less in your lives, they can be transformed into highly use-full tools in a world of 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional existence.

The Slowing of Reality Systems and The Collapse of Reality Systems
The main concept of information we desire to present at This Time is the one regarding your “reality systems”. We wish to state that these systems have already collapsed. Yes, they have already collapsed. What each person is experiencing is the exact circumstances of which they believe. We state that the energy, the vital energy, the universal energy, the manipulated energy, the ‘bending of Light for experience of reality’ which has been the pushing and driving FORCE of these “reality systems” which you each believe you must have to survive….. has ended, has been stopped, is no longer in effect… in 3rd dimensional, non-life affirming linear status has slowed to such a vibration that they have ceased to exist and have collapsed. What you are now experiencing is likened to your watching a balloon which is filled, unknotted, held between your fingers, observed and then released! This is exactly as it is with the “reality systems” you believe they are keeping you alive! There is no difference as we See it. It is all energy held, observed and released.

The “slowing” was so deliberate, MOST have not even noticed the energetic changes! Open and expand your quantum perspective, and you will See that the energy that drove the mechanisms are no longer present. What you will observe are still the slowing energy lines in ‘time’ and then…… they stop. We present to you the Concept of these “reality systems” SLOWING to stop as the first Understanding. For those of you who are here to create the New Systems, you will have already been sensing this from the Consciousness Web, that Life shifted in your month of March. For those of you who are creating the New Systems right now, the New forms of communication, the New ways to continue the usage of electricity and then bridge into new forms of what is termed ‘free energy’, New Ways to distribute and exchange goods/ services/ monies, we encourage you to very deliberately view the world and the peoples in the Quantum Ways and you will already Know that the “reality systems” have slowed and have collapsed! We have stated for many decades, Become Aware, Stay Aware, Pay Attention and you will Know what to do and when….It is Now That Time. For those of you here to advance in the New Systems, this is your Call. It is those of you who have transcended the fear of earth changes, and we have been with you each moment and in each DreamTime supporting you to gather confidence in your Knowledge, in your Abilities and Step Forward. NOW IS THE TIME. Do NOT wait for MORE “signs”. NOW IS THE TIME.

Evolution to Involution
Allow us to simplify and at the same time, present an expanded or Involutionary concept for you to ponder. The ’ponder’ is what you each are experiencing, and it is the energetic wobble or dis-harmony of such thoughts, concerns, and fears which are the restraints for you and your world in This Time. Let us refer to the term “Involutionary”. Involution is the process in the larger process of what is termed “ascension” which is presented after certain and specific Evolution stages occur on a planet such as Earth. Involution is the Concept, the phase, the process whereby you acknowledge you and SourceCreator ARE One. There is no difference. There is a phrase presented by Tobias ( which states concisely, “I AM God Also”. This is the Truth. You have emerged on the other side of evolution (so to speak) with your duality & polarity in more balance. You have transmuted the thought & belief of separation---all separation. In that transmutation you Understand that yourself, each being on earth, each plant, each animal, each insect has a Right to their existence & process, that ALL life/ ALL existence upon Earth has great value and you all are One. You Understand that whatever happens across your world to another life, happens to you…you are beginning to connect with the Consciousness Web and feel these happenings and Know of these happenings as they occur.

During the evolution stages of life on Earth, it has been of great Service to utilize your duality and polarity. Humanity and all life upon Earth would not have evolved to This Time (AGAIN! As this is your 5th attempt) had you not fully utilized your duality and polarity. Earth is unique because it has been created to contain and express polarity, duality AND paradox. It is the very foundation of how Newtonian and Quantum physics exist in the same space (our joke! So to speak in general terms). There has come a Time in the evolutionary process of what you term the InBreath of Source. This is when great changes occur on Earth, in your energetic subtle bodies as well as in the physiologies of all matter on Earth. This phase or process was a Shift in Consciousness. During that time, there were great Earth Changes and massive transitions and life as you experienced it or trusted in seemed to be shaken until it would break. It did not. And this was recent for you.

Allow us to divert the main focus again, let us create another stream of consciousness for you to view. As we present some of the most obvious steps in the Involution process and present information for you to utilize at This Time, we will briefly outline in very general terms your 1850’s to now, 2005.

This phase seemed to culminate in your 1980’s. The InBreath of Source was begun long before it was experienced here on Earth, and one might venture to say from a linear perspective that the InBreath of Source began to manifest in your 1960’s. In the late 1800’s there were many magnificent discoveries in the ways of both linear physics and quantum physics. During the early 1900’s there was a complete balance of duality and polarity. There was as much energetic Life affirming and quantum realizations as there were non-life affirming energetics which demanded control and limitation. There is the belief that the two are always at opposition. We present that this is merely a perspective. We are not addressing the play-out of duality in the universe, of the battles, of the Stories, of the continued fighting stance of both sides, while this is all true, it is also True that each side of duality works in tandem to one another and there are VERY specific phases and Times in Evolution where there is Great Councils which debate and evaluate the overall energetic Harmonics in the Evolution Process and the Next Steps are decided---together. Then the polarities return to the Game which is out-played until the next impasse occurs.

(The Arcturians speak) Due to the request of more Souls to experience Ascension, and due to the fact that Earth is the most expansive and diverse Evolutionary Ascension planet, it was chosen to allow the control & non-life affirming polarity to become in charge and have influence. This was also due in part to those of you who have great Plans and Discoveries to manifest, and needed more ‘time’ and in a more harsh setting.

(The Hathors speak)And so it was in the early 1900’s of your time, that a reverse of movement was delivered. Telsa and the great advanced Minds which had returned to Earth and positioned themselves for advancement were asked to leave for awhile. Wars diverted attention, energy and allowed density to be experienced. In the 1960’s of your time, there was an Awakening. There was a Shift in Consciousness. Many Earth Changes occurred….just as is happening at This Time. More of the Souls participating on Earth at This Time have not Awakened as has been Planned, so now there are many levels of Process being implemented. For those Awake, or in various states of Awake Consciousness, it is time to release being an Evolution-ary and move into the expression of being an Involution-ary. We invite you who have not read from the Crimson Circle of Tobias, the messages of 11/2004 and 12/2204 to do so! They will greatly assist in what we are presenting to you. Tobias describes the process of being an Energy Holder for eons (in evolution) and now emerging as an Energy MOVER (for Involution). This is what we also state will assist in the current cycle of intense transition for you.

We have spoken of the various and diverse levels of experience and Process happening on Earth right now. Another point of focus to reconcile in the DNA of the peoples and of Earth, the massive destruction which has happened in the other 4 worlds or experiences here on Earth. Of course there are multiple realities and dimensions and we strive to retain a simplistic overview. What we are presenting to you by providing a brief overview of your last few years are twofold: 1) We desire you to Understand that the world is not going to be destroyed! You all have chosen to move forward into your further levels of Evolution or to move into the further levels and Concepts of Involution. 2) We desire you to Understand that in your short lifetime in this experience, many of you have already LIVED through ONE Shift of Consciousness or were born during that time, so THIS current cycle is not different! Both of these Understandings will be basis for you to continue to bring your specific Talents, Abilities and Charges to Earth to assist in the current Shift of Consciousness!

With the above statements, it is easy to Understand how the “reality systems” which have governed, controlled and ruled your life and/or life experiences have now slowed to a standstill…..and, how they have, if you look further, how they have completely collapsed. So what does this mean? CELEBRATION!!! Elation and Bliss! Celebrate that you, and your Earth have actually completed all there is to physically complete. What we mean by this is that there is no more to DO to prepare for the Shift of Consciousness and Earth Changes. You are living them/it in each moment. You can now relax and begin to establish the New Systems! There will still be millions and millions who chose to transition off the planet. Earth is readjusting her Land and meridians to be able to hold a more rarified frequency and to be more in Joy (so to speak). It is likened to the process a human attends to another human in the modalities of acupuncture, acupressure, massage and muscle corrective modalities…it is the same for Earth. We will cease this transmission at this point and allow for integration, true Celebration and for those of you bringing in the New Systems to call or write each other in Joy and Celebration-----it is YOUR TIME.

We Understand there are questions and that we have made a simplified presentation! We desire to assist you in focusing upon YOUR Next Actions, rather than to recite more of the same information which is distributed throughout your Internet. We would like to suggest to expand the perspective and merge your electronic/magnetic internet system with your New In-ter-Net or perhaps Inter-Net… We bid you Peace and we wish for you the Harmony within your inner realms to move in grace through This Time and to bring forth that which you are on planet to establish. Through this, we wish for you to weave Compassion, Appreciation, Joy and Love for all aspects at play in your lives These Moments. The Hathors.//end transmission//

This is part one of a two part message from The Hathors through Rebeka Michaels Watson. You may reach Rebeka at: I would like to invite you to review other Hathor messages which have been brought through by Tom Kenyon and you may review these at: Thank You.//

Hathor Messages Clarification

From Rebeka Michaels Watson
March 27 2005

Please note that the mention of Tom Kenyon's site and body of information regarding his perspectives and messages from his Hathor mentors are completely unique and separate from those of Rebeka Michaels Watson. The Hathors are a civilization of millions of beings. Each person who has Hathor DNA in their composition of DNA are now being vibrated to Awaken and to express the contract or agreement which we have made together to bring forward during These Days of the Shift of Consciousness. For those who are ambassadors or spokespersons for the Hathor Civilization we are Aware of our specific Team of Mentors who have agreed to work, teach, support and be with the us as we express as individual beings on earth. Everyone who has Hathor Lineage, has mentors, whether they are Aware or not. Those of us who are Hathor messengers, are Aware and work daily and deeply with these mentors. No 2 Mentor Teams are alike, nor do Beings involve themselves with more than one human individual at a time. Messages and perspectives are unique to the individual who is transmissioning them......this is the Brilliance of These Days!

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