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Choice Points in Reality for Jan., Feb+ 2005

By Rebecca Michaels

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This is the day that the Mayan Elders have requested a world meditation at sunset. I will have to place my consciousness into the Web, now.

Many unsettling, and varied feelings, emotions and thoughts rolling thru my body and brain today. Don’t seem to be mine….rather my connections on the Web and with the physical Earth.
The teacher of the preschoolers has had back pain for 2 days. Stress she feels, and lifting so many of the children, as they all have wanted extra hugs and attention 1.14.2005, yesterday 1.17.2005 and today 1.18.2005. I am Understanding it is because she is connected so closely with the children, the children are connected into the Web of Life and experiencing many, many things and energies and have no idea how to handle all of it. She is also tuned into the Earth in this area…..tectonic and volcanic activity. My dogs have been very needy and ‘under foot’ for about 1 week, maybe almost 2 weeks. The oldest dog is constantly with me & whines if he is not. Today, our daughter cried to leave me. I feel she is replaying another life experience where she had to be left at school and I did not return, a life or lives where we were living the same frequency and Consciousness Point. We are choosing, have chosen to remain together through this—this Time.

Pieces of articles have been brought to me today about Yellowstone blowing, intensified tectonic movements in California (SoCal), the intensified storms in SoCal, the loss and erosion of great sections of Land in SoCal, and tsunami for both coasts of the usa.

My definite Knowing is we are right on top of another event. Maybe several which are during the same timeframe or maybe even several occurring within a 7 to 13 day section of our time this month—January 19 to 31 2005 or about Jan 26 to about Feb.10 2005. Dates are so nebulous…. I feel strongly that the conscious world’s peoples who come together for the meditation requested by the Mayan Elders plays a significant role in the next events unfolding. I am in respect of the Elders, and just from my humble and minor perspective of Understanding energies, I feel this ‘gathering’, this cohesive formation of energy and intention will be the catalyst for our next events. Let me explain this. It is not that the ‘gathering’ “causes” the next event, well in a way this IS true, and not from the perspective of exact duality of “cause/effect”, though it is a paradox, yes?

The cohesive formation of energy and intention will set a division between the polarity sides. Due to the extremely cohesive and deeply compassionate energy and intentions which will be gathering together in a wave motion, the non-life affirming side will be placed into such a position, it has to be shaken loose, has to be released, as to move away from everyone and every part of Land on Earth which resonates in compassion and life-affirming attributes and Qualities. It is not about the 2 co-existing…this comes later……much later. Right now, people are Awakening, they are beginning to take responsibility for their lives, be accountable in greater numbers for the re-generation and re-storation of Earth, they are beginning to take a stand (whether in battle to preserve life-affirming Qualities or whether in Compassion to preserve life-affirming Qualities on earth.), they are beginning to say we need to Remember our inner values for Life and for our Earth. So, we all MUST join together in the energetic gathering and wave so we can take the Next Steps. The Next Steps, after this energy has completed what It needs to Accomplish over the next few weeks. I believe we can do this meditation or all others at all times and any time, as there is no time---only intention, so it strengthens all other Compassion and intentions for life affirmation.

I believe we each are making another “Choice Point for Reality” and have been for almost a week. Someone mentioned she felt personal energy shifts prior to last weekend. I had not experienced that yet, nor had a context for it. Mine came over the weekend and then yesterday & today I could feel parts of myself and of the peoples on Earth evaluate circumstances, beliefs, review their current issues/life lessons and decide what type of events they wanted to experience. I believe this is for the next few events and even perhaps for the global event(s) which will ascend or remove another few million people. The S.E.A. earthquake and tsunami ascended and removed almost 2 million people. There is no accurate way, let me rephrase this---it is impossible to accurately count or portray the numbers which left because so many of the areas are remote and/or remote villages, and/or nomadic types of ‘villages’….impossible. This 2 million number is only from my quantum organic knowing, and that can be off too…..impossible to ever know.

The next few events will ascend and remove even more. What will we chose after the weather, after the earth movements, after the land erosions, after the “odd” events? Will it be Yellowstone erupting for 600 mile radius? Will it be the collapse of the Great Conveyor? Will it have something to do with a comet hitting earth? Or? Or? Or? What about the detonators we continue to shuttle into space and implode or explode into/onto other planets/comets?? These must have SOME repercussion?? So, it feels to me we have been deciding what we want to next experience and then how those will weave into the greater events to come this year.

This is not to say we are victims….quite the opposite. It illustrates our creator abilities. There are many clues expressing from our Earth right now. Mountains beaming energy, more crystals coming to the surface to be utilized, the planets aligning in diverse Patterns, the Lands shifting/eroding/coming together to eliminate some land masses and forming other land masses…even too, with the ice! So what shall we create? As impossible as it is to count those who have chosen to be removed now and soon, so too to know exactly what our thoughts will create for us to experience soon---AND…..also impossible to stop or interrupt any of this now. It is important to remain in a cohesive, coherent emotional energetic resonance of vibration. We Attain this by and through Compassion.---great, great amounts of Compassion---every single moment.

We cannot stop the Changes, The Shift of Consciousness. We can change some of the intensity through our thoughts, actions and compassion. I believe if we ‘try’ to lessen the Changes, they will come stronger because it is that very limited belief of thinking we know best and/or of fear, which will cause the Changes to manifest more fiercely, so that they may Serve the Whole more greatly than the few. We have been ‘here’ before---at least four other known times….and we were not ready to choose the cohesive vibrations of compassion and love. This Time, more of us are determined to keep our Earth AND our consciousness….so we are finding ways to do it all. Being in compassion and love whilst observing/witnessing the massive and gut-wrenching AND soul-stretching events is the way to make it through all this. Of course, unless you have chosen to leave and assist on the other side! I rather doubt you would be drawn to read this though, because your Soul would have had already made the decision and it is not yours to be the cohesive vibrations at this time or read this article. Many are choosing to leave via cancer and other dis-harmonic biological manifestations. We each have our part to play in this great unfoldment.

I invite you to observe your and your community/city/state/area of country’s weather and this will provide the clues necessary for your next Steps in action. The weather can only play-out, out-expression the beliefs and conditions of those who live in the area. In other words, review your area/city’s belief systems, their action & beliefs toward community and community-assistance for those less healthy, less-youthful, less intelligent and you will know what the weather/earth is working with you to un-settle, disrupt, get you to Pay Attention to, to Be Aware of, etc. How much money does your area have and is hording or wasting on self-serving beliefs or desires? Those areas will probably have a lot of flooding…the waters representing out of control emotions and selfishness, and deep cleansing. How about the religious climate? A lot of churches and staunch beliefs will certainly have much snow and ice. This is only a couple examples. Use all you see as metaphor and direct answers, for no-thing is a coincidence or mis-hap….all has meaning and is part of the Plan. For me, the goal is to see The Plan, and re-direct actions into life-affirming ones, rather those of or from fear. If we each take care of our neighbors, and set a model for compassion, that vibration will do more than hording food and sandbags.

Another thing to watch for in the cities are sink holes. Sink holes on streets, on freeways, in general land areas. Sink holes….the very things which strike fear into every engineer’s heart and mind. Why? Because they happen fast and there is nothing to do about them. It is all about how well or un-well these items were built-----were, being the Key here. A lot of activity in the 1950’s, 1960’s. Often pushed to completion without proper funding…..or expertise. The large cities are seeing this again. Dirt specimens are taken to decide the materials and some of the designs for freeways, by untrained people—just so there is “A” specimen available, whether it is true, useable, accurate at all or even taken from the site is all part of the “hidden being illuminated”. This has happened for 40+ yrs, to varying degrees. The best advice is to be highly observant of the streets you travel each day. As you see large cracks and differences in levels of road or ground, find alternative ways, because at some soon moment, the earth will be overly-saturated and/or will shift/rumble and cause more than just a crack! Be Aware, Pay Attention and then action accordingly. Nothing is a surprise----IF we remain in the State of Awareness, and Pay Attention to all the subtle and not so subtle markers in our lives. Most of us live too fast and don’t Pay Attention. Some can’t tell you there is even road they drive on each day due to the speed, much less if they noticed cracks or sinking…..

It is my Knowing that while we cannot stop the Changes, we CAN prepare for them in many ways. Simple ways, nothing extreme, it just takes slowing down, Becoming Aware and Pay Attention to what is happening. Watch the weather, watch the animals, watch patterns in your city and state, and then make the necessary and appropriate changes for yourself and family. Gathering more purified water and herbs are a good action. We will all need beyond generous amounts of our herbal companions to remain in harmony in the next 2 years! If you don’t know herbals---ask, find someone who can assist you with this. Buy good, non-toxic, non-off-gassing plastic containers for your purified water. Gather extra blankets, purchase well made horse blankets if possible, know how you will cook your food, know where you will obtain food and make double-sure your animals are taken care of as well. If you experience severe weather, make sure they have warmth. Remember, they are not just animals---they are another ourselves and they reflect at what value-level we take care of ourselves and our community…and hence the Earth.

Are you energetically sensitive? Perhaps now is the Time to use that knowledge to assist empowering others in your local area. Hold meetings at houses, in bookstores, where ever to gather people and resources together. Even to have meditations to move the cohesive energy of Compassion through the areas and Earth—don’t hold energy or space for anything---allow the Energy and Intentions to move as they need to and where they need to. Take action in the physical and the ethereal. Coming together, empowering….not fixing, stopping, changing… empowering.

For all of 2005 and part of 2006, there is no place on Earth which will be quiet, ‘safe’ and not affected by the Shift and what Earth needs to accomplish. What will make your home or part of city quiet and safe is to be compassion, to continue to release all beliefs which lock you into a specific thought form, release fear, Know and empower others around you to choose the Highest available in each moment. Love and hug each other from the perspective of adoration, rather than fear. Be cohesive, be compassion and Pay Attention. There is a saying in surfing,”Become the water”….that is may be good advice right now; being WITH is more empowering and sustaining than being against anything.

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