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What's Up on Planet Earth? - Peace Is On The Way
By Karen Bishop |

On Tuesday evening I awoke vomiting, proceeded to diarrhea, and then an early intense menstrual period. In addition, some severe muscle pain all over my body put me in a sense of "I feel like I am dying". What a purging! This lasted for two days. Why am I telling you this wonderful and exciting account of my bodily functions? Because of the result and the indications :).

Last night I slept like a log for twelve straight hours and when I awoke, I was in a New and different place. I do not have a pain in my body, am feeling an incredible sense of peace and calm, and am in a place that is excitingly New.

This is precisely what is occurring for most of us now, and I am telling you this story to let you know that if you are in intense transition and cleansing, THERE IS AN END (at least to this particular phase, and this was an unusually intense and pivotal one).

As we know, December brought in the blueprint and energy for the New World here in the physical on the planet Earth. Since then, we have been "realigning" to match this energy, resulting in a "cleansing" and "preparation" affect.

Not since I made a personal big "leap" in evolutionary status many months ago, have I felt and seen such intense ascension symptoms. But just as with my personal leap, when it is over, it is so worth it! These substantial leaps have a pattern of building the dark and negative energies to a point where they reach maximum tolerance, and then poof! There results a massive cleanse and leap into a higher realm of being.

We needed to be ready for the paradise energy of the New Earth, and now all must become ready. As always, all is in perfect order. Those of us who were instrumental in creating the Earth from the very beginning, are feeling these symptoms the most severely. We are incredibly tied to her in all ways, and now we are ready to restore her to her original blueprint.

We will all experience this big "leap" and feel incredibly good again, and good like we have never really experienced before. The feeling of "darkness" will be gone, the pressure, the tension, the doubting, frustration and intolerance, and the physical pain.

Very soon will begin the time of all the New inventions. So much New will be introduced. The veil has been lifted. We are free to create and experience and to bring forth incredible and amazing New realities and ways of living and being. We will no longer have to tolerate the now intolerable old as there will be so much New!

All of the Old is just a shell, and when we arrive at this New level, we will barely notice what is happening at the lower levels of reality. They will feel so far away, and we will be feeling so good creating our New World.

We are being and have been "lifted up" into a much higher realm, and now we will soon "match" it in every way. People will undergo this experience in their own time and way, but it is fairly easy to spot those who are not here yet, as their energy feels very different and "old". It is as if they are in another world.

So get ready to feel good again like you have never quite felt before, because the time is here. The result is worth the transitionary experiences. Believe it or not, the intense labor pains are worth it when the baby finally arrives!

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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About Karen: Karen Bishop has had lifelong inner knowing of human and planetary evolution and events, as well as psychic ability and multidimensional access since birth. She possesses a varied background in metaphysical studies and training. Karen left her prior career as a grantwriter, non-profit consultant and newspaper columnist to be in her joy and creativity through creating the What's Up On Planet Earth? energy alerts and web site. She is no longer giving Soul Readings, but is currently working on her book "Finding Your Soul Purpose/A Part Of Ascension".

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