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Nowhere Left To Go


As this latest "bump up" in energy tunes us up even higher, it is creating much in its wake. For several months I have been seeing February as a month of great movement.....a time when "everything" begins to happen. This latest energy then, has come to support, create and push us ahead in many ways.

When we move "up" into a higher realm, all must follow and match this new vibration. This is a substantial jump, and as it is meant to affect the physical, which is always the last to integrate, many are feeling its affects.

Last night I had a dream where I had just settled into a new high-rise apartment. It was very nice and I had just completed unpacking. The non-physical beings arrived and told me I was moving. "I just moved!" I complained. It seemed that I had no choice, and I was moved, much to my dismay. The new apartment was on a floor higher than my current one, and as it turned out, although it was the same floorplan, it was much more luxurious and far better than I could have ever imagined. This is what is occurring for us now.

A "preparation" energy started things moving in January, and then along came the "lull". As my friend Gabrielle so beautifully interpreted it, this lull period allows much to surface in many areas, as much is "allowed" to run free and rises to the surface. What a beautiful plan, as this February energy will capture it so to speak, and push it on to a different reality, where it is better suited to reside.

The February energy will support this jump into the higher realms. Physically, many are experiencing dizziness, vertigo, strange and vivid dreams, disruptive sleeping patterns, pressure, tension and a feeling of overwhelment.

As we know that emotions run high when we are releasing, many are experiencing crying episodes as well as anger and frustration as the energies build and push. With the body needing to align again, I have been needing to eat every two hours with massive hunger pains. Protein seems to help the most as we need this fuel. I haven't had to do this for a long while!

This is nothing new as far as ascension symptoms go, and most of us are used to them by now. The difference here is that this jump ahead has affected the last and lowest level, which is the physical. I have been feeling things I haven't felt for at least a year. This is a big push.

For those of us who are highly sensitive, anything of the old and lower vibrations feels downright awful, and literally creates a feeling of gnawing inside, or almost a poisonous pain. And again, whenever the energies rise, along comes the bloating and abdominal weight gain. For some, but not for all, we have gained weight over the past few years. (Some have lost weight.) Our bodies seem to need more mass in order to accommodate and integrate all this change in vibration, and the weight assists us in staying grounded as well.

In addition, the liver goes on overdrive as it has to process and detox so much during the ascension process. I believe that the abdominal weight gain results from the liver being overtaxed, as this can be a result. In addition, we were waking so often between 2 and 4 p.m., which is the "liver hour" in oriental medicine.

This is only my opinion here, but according to my acupuncturist, we can support the liver with milk thistle, casual walks, and breathing. In addition, she says the liver is associated with the future.

Add an underlying feeling of hysteria, fear, anxiety and darkness, along with the sense of great loss and ending, and the potion can become fairly uncomfortable for some. These feelings are an experience of being "in" what is leaving, and as it purges from our beingness and the planet, it can appear dark and unpleasant.

But this energy will create much more than what is leaving and uncomfortable. As so much begins to move, wonderful things we have been wanting will arrive for us as well. This is when "everything" begins to happen. The Old rapidly moves out, geographically, physically, within our current structures and pretty much everywhere else. But what we have been wanting also "moves in". So it will be a lot of everything at once.

This will all happen at a perfect time because everything of the old has finally become COMPLETELY intolerable. As we have "tuned up" more and more over the past few years, everything of a lower vibration becomes more and more unbearable and difficult to now impossible to be around and experience. It seems that we can no longer accommodate and experience these old vibrations. We are no longer wired for these old ways of existing and living.

There is finally no where else to go. It is now fairly impossible for many to function "out there" and the time is up. As the old outside energies are such a far stretch from where many of us are now vibrating, many of us are finding ourselves wanting to stay home and be alone.

The contrast from where we are to what is still hanging on is becoming extreme. This creates a resistance and then results in a blocking of the energy flow. This is precisely why allergies are so rampant now with seemingly no remedy. The body is having a reaction to the lower frequencies and putting up defenses. There is a big mismatch between our new higher vibrational selves and the old outside world.

How to get some relief? Shower, get in the water, drink it. Exercise, even if you do not feel like it. This helps greatly. Keep your meridians clear through acupuncture, yoga, breathing, or whatever you resonate with. Be around the higher vibrations of the children and play with them. Use flower essences. There are probably endless modalities that can help the body.

But most importantly, it is the resistance that is causing the discomfort. Find something that you can REALLY support and open to it fully. This is the dilemma now and what is causing much of the discomfort, as there seems to be very little to support. If you can, find something of a higher vibration and connect to that.

There is nowhere left to go. Things have gone as far as they can. So now, then, the old must leave in the physical experience.

But ENTER THE NEW. The thing I have found that relieves so much of this mismatch discomfort is focusing in on and creating what I want. Anything that resonates with the higher ways feels great. This is the time for us to begin creating the New. This feels oh so good. This puts us in alignment with the higher vibrations we are now in and keeps our channels open.

For me, anyone that is great at what they do and loves doing it, makes me come alive. I absolutely love being around people who are expressing their gifts and talents. My vision and future step is in creating that center that so many of us are wanting to create, where everyone there is expressing their total gift and contribution and in their element.

With a spa-like energy of pampering for all who visit, they will be able to experience the best in healing, eating, body work, botanical gardens, incredible art and anything else. It is just a microcosm of the New World. So when I feel "off", I focus on this, as I know it is most certainly coming and I feel rejuvenated and alive.

We can begin by holding our vision in our consciousness and simply be it and vibrate it. Whenever I meet someone, I always ask them what they love to do and what their passion and fantasy is. I cannot seem to not do this. It is just who I am and the same for you in whatever you are being and vibrating. Just vibrating and being who you are will bring everything TO YOU.

And as we know, in these higher realms we now find ourselves in, we seem to be able to manifest in a near instant. Keep your thoughts on the positive and that will become your reality. It works every time. Decide what you want to experience and then expect it. It feels far better than focusing on what is still existing around us.

So as it may seem that everything has become unbearable, know that it is only because it is time to create what you believe is very bearable. The February energy will support the arrival of many feel good things. Just be open and ready!

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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