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Communiqués – January 2005 Earth Changes Revisited

By Michael Sharp |

Editors note: italicized sections are drawn from Sept and Oct. 2003, communiqués. They are brought forward because information on earth changes and Lemurian triggers provided in those early communiqués is most relevant for the current period of our ascension activation cycle.

Hello and welcome back.

First of all my apologies for the delay. Christmas season, time pressures, and end of month deadlines made it virtually impossible for me to write this communiqué on time. I think I may switch the release date for these to the middle of the month just to avoid the end-of-the-month-crunch. In retrospect, however, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t have time to write. The Asian Tsunami has sent shock waves throughout this earth at much more than just a physical level. The psychological, emotional, and spiritual impact of the shock, and the reverberations, are still being felt. No matter whom you are, no matter where you might be on The Path, no doubt you are still shaking from the events of Dec. 26th. Such a shocking event really does confirm in millions of minds all around the world the notion that we are in the end-times unfolding. After all, it is hard not to look at the weird weather, the violent storms, the volcanoes, and the earthquakes and remain detached and unconcerned.

Something is obviously up on this earth. The million-dollar question is, of course, just what the heck is going on.

To answer that question we have to look at the nature of the earth changes themselves. The rapidly accelerating earth changes (the hurricanes, storms, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc) are really nothing more than a normal part of the cycles of Gaia. Earth changes happen no matter what we do. Not only that, but they are cyclical. The large-scale tectonic releases that we are expecting repeat about once every 10,000 years. That these releases are inevitable and cyclic makes perfect sense if you think about it. Your own body has several such regular cycles. Your body’s smallest cycle of regeneration is about 2 hours. Within this short period, you have to eat and drink (draw energy), engage in activity, rest, and regenerate (think about 1 ½ - 2 hour time limit of most of your regular activities). Your body also has a larger 24-hour cycle that requires the same activities of eating, or play, rest, and regeneration. However, within the larger 24-hour cycle there is the addition of major waste elimination periods.

It is the same with Mother Earth (GAIA). She also has regular cycles where she must intake energy, rest, regenerate, and eliminate (really transform) waste. Of course, since Gaia’s body is the planet earth, you see the manifestation of her cycles on the planet in the form of weather, eco-system changes, and tectonic events. There is nothing Divine or Malefic about the events. They are not acts of God sent to punish. They are also not part of some Spirit sanctioned cleansing operation that removes all the ‘bad’ people from this earth.

All that is simply propaganda.

Earth changes are simply part of inevitable cycles of regeneration. Every living organism everywhere in the universe has these cycles. You know this is true.

Now think of your own twenty-four hour cycle. Focus in on the waste elimination portion. I know you have been taught not to think about this critical function but pause and consider the way it operates for a moment. Consider the regularity of your body’s functions. In the healthy body with a flowing energy system, bowel movements (for example) happen every day. Consider also the fact that you have a certain amount of control over how your body eliminates waste. You can choose, within a limited period, when and where to go to the bathroom. However, and this is important, you do not have total control over the process. You can hold off going to the bathroom for only a limited amount of time. Eventually, your body’s need to get the toxins OUT will cause you increasing levels of cramping, pain, and distress. Finally, your body’s needs will totally overwhelm your ability to consciously control the process and you will go whether you want to or not.

It is the same way with Gaia with one important difference. She is not so much eliminating waste and toxins (though this is part of it) as she is transforming her skeleton. She is regenerating her body. However, outside of that important difference, the processes are largely the same. Her regeneration process is part of a larger cycle. It is necessary to the health of the body. It can be controlled to a limited extent. However, in the end, her regeneration must happen. Even if she wanted to (which she does not because she has been told she can return to providing Eden like conditions for her children) she cannot prevent it.

Now a lot of people will tell you that the earth changes are related to the ascension and this is true – the earth changes are related to the ascension. But this relationship is not a technical relationship. It is merely a relationship of “convenience.” As I have noted elsewhere, the ascension has been timed to coincide with the earth changes. Why? Because the earth changes are functioning as a dramatic wake up call for all second wave energy workers.

…the point of these dramatic displays is not to kill people (as some apocalyptic doom sayers might tell you) but to wake them up. In other words, the point of Gaia’s current activity (besides being part of her regular cycles) is to fire the Lemurian trigger.

Just what is the Lemurian trigger you ask?

The Lemurian trigger was placed into the genetic record of about 30% of our world population during the cataclysmic earth changes that ended Lemuria civilization. Those of you who have read the Book of Life will recall that Lemuria was ended for energetic reasons. This is true. However, nothing was said about the way Lemuria ended. Now we can remember that Lemuria was ended at the start of one of Gaia’s regeneration periods. The world did not end during the Lemurian cataclysm, but human civilization did. In order to reconfigure for a second attempt at ascension, all the scientific and spiritual accomplishments of the Lemurian’s were washed away by the earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires of Gaia’s cycle. Those humans who remained where scattered across the globe and forced to adopt a nomadic existence.

The deeper meaning of the Lemurian cataclysms for us now lies in their role in placing the Lemurian trigger. Those bodies with a direct genetic link to Lemuria had a deeply embedded emotional trigger placed in their genetic structure by the experience of the cataclysm. As soon as those with the Lemurian trigger recognize the similarity between current seismic events and the earth changes that ended Lemurian civilization and as soon as the magnitude of the seismological events finally click into the collective consciousness, our Lemurian emissaries AKA the second wave of energy workers, are going to be immediately and irrevocably activated.

And just what are the second wave of energy workers you ask?

Well, as you may or may not yet know, there are three separate groups of energy workers currently active on this planet. This is all according to the Architect’s original plan that called for the grand energetic acceleration towards The Ascension to occur in three massive energetic releases. Each energetic release is to be achieved through the energetic work of three separate groups of energy workers. Members of each group are simultaneously activated, walk their Path, and then simultaneously (within a few months) achieve kundalini activation. As each group achieves their spiritual goal, an incredible amount of light and energy is released. This energy is gradually but inevitably accelerating the vibrational frequency of local space. This series of releases allows for the controlled traversal of the energetic boundary that separates dimensional levels (AKA The Ascension). If you do not understand this, then I recommend you read my Book of Life. It has the information you need to understand the energetic nature of the Ascension and your own role in that process.

As for those of you reading these words now I have this to say to you

… do not just stand there...

Your job as light worker starts now.

Those who lived on this earth through the Cataclysms of Lemuria and who, as a result, had the Fear of Noah (AKA the Lemurian Trigger) inserted into their genetic trees, are all starting to wake up now and recall the trauma and dramatic death of their civilizations. They are going to remember, at a cellular level, how the earth trembled, the fires burned, and the waters flowed. As they remember, their emotional response to these memories will trigger a powerful energetic release that will rocket into their crown chakra where it will energize the crown and throw them forcibly onto the spiritual Path. There is nothing that can be done to prevent their cellular agitation and energetic release. The Lemurian trigger is powerful and designed, for political reasons, to be unstoppable. The question before us is, how smooth can we make the process for them.

It is your task over the next 12 months or so to help the massive second wave of energy workers now coming on line in toto to find their footing and navigate forward on the path with as much ease and grace as possible. Owing to the incredible amount of work done by the previous wave of light workers, most of our second wavers will find their way with no trouble. However, a few (and especially those who find themselves confined by the dark dogma of religion and /or science) will have a very hard time with things. At best, they will become confused and disoriented. At worst, they may become frightened and fearful that God is returning to punish them. Reach out your hand to these poor lost souls trapped in the dogma of science and religion and teach them about The Ascension, the Love of God, and the glory of their creative work here.

Soothe their fears about Gaia. Explain to them that under normal conditions, Gaia would never allow her children to come to harm. She only agreed to cataclysmic earth changes scattering and destroying life on this planet once in her long history and only then because God asked her to allow it. Even then, Gaia would only do it because she was given a glimpse of the full glory of The Ascension and the 7th Creation. Even so, it was a terrible sacrifice for her and even millennia later, she still feels pain at having to participate in the destruction of her beloved children. She remembers her sacrifice quite clearly and not even God could make Gaia participate in another Lemurian catastrophe.

Tell people this, and they will believe you because they will remember the promise. Remind them that according to the Divine plan, the Lemurian trigger had to be implanted only once. Once the volcanoes had subsided and the floods receded, we all heard the same promise.

Never again!

Of course, there will be earth changes. But Gaia has control and she will not allow her children to suffer this time.

So rejoice.

This time, the cleansing cycle of Gaia ends not in the destruction of civilization and the scattering of populations but in the re-emergence of the Garden of Eden.

As a final note, keep in mind the preventable nature of the recent tsunami. The only reason that there were so many deaths is because no coastal warning system had been put in place. Had a warning system been put in place, it is virtually certain that no life would have been lost.

This is very important! Watch the responses of your governments and the people. As a global society, we have the financial and technological wherewithal to prevent, reduce, and mitigate the normal cycles of Gaia. What we need to do now to put an end to the old energies (you know the ones which would rather spend trillions of dollars on war than help the dying children of this world or that see Divine retribution in the ecological cleansing now occuring) and bring forward into reality the new energies. Once these new energies are in place, and once financial, military, and technologicla resources are devoted to helping (rather than oppressing), the cycles of Gaia will be nothing more than minor inconveniences.

Until next month, I AM Michael Sharp

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