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Monarch Mind Control

Does the Pentagon and the Whitehouse operate a secret sex-slave child porn ring? The evidence is becoming overwhelming. Cathy O'Brian, an ex-mind control victim and her "Handler" who controlled her, have put out a book recently called "Trance-formation of America". This book exposes the long-hidden underground agenda of the perverts in Washington. George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Sen. Byrd and many other Congressmen and high ranking officials are involved.

This is what happened in Cathy's case: She was abused by her father, a pedophile, who took pictures of children. When he was busted they threatened him with extensive time in jail unless he turned his daughter over to "The Program".

This is how they get the kids with their parents permission. The subjects of this program were tatooed with a "Monarch Butterfly" which represents the unfolding of a "New Consciousness" within someone. "The Caterpillar into the Butterfly".

This is actually the creation of "Multiple Personality Disorder". If you look into anyone who has "MPD" you will find that most people with this disorder have a past which includes sexual abuse.

The child, when confronted with these feelings early in life, reverts to creating a second personality which CAN handle the events taking place. This "Alter" personality can then be "Summoned Up" to do a drug run, assassination, etc. as in "The Manchurian Candidate". Sirhan Sirhan, Oswald, The Post Office employees, and many other serial killers, murderers, assassins, fit the profile. Many have had hospital stays in CIA-run Psychiatric institutions. There is a pattern.

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