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Mental Territory
Posted By creativecosmos | Surfing The Apocalypse Network

When focusing the eye on events, one possible thought course is portrayed. Conclusions by the observer disrupt the process. There is every reason to cover all mental territory.

We encompass endless possibilities in many realms simultaneously. That is why holding on to one idea can be so dangerous. When anything and everything is available, even a beautiful thought can become a prison.

Playing with information is an aspect of the exquisite art called sorcery. Building subconscious scenery and then putting the characters through the motions, we enact a cosmic play –leela. Sometimes the story stars you.

When reading something, allow the brain to be free of judgment based on preconceptions. Bath yourself in the words and trust that if something is true for you, it will be self-evident. Incongruities will be immediately discarded.

Accepting the extremities of true wisdom, we can be prepared for the unusual by already acknowledging its existence. Realizing that we stand on a planet in outer space surrounded by frequencies of which we are receiving but a slice, we are not so surprised by small things like ghosts, and psychic readings.

Feel the synapses and take back the right to forge your own connections. Construct a dream reality to exist in. Relax in a Creative Cosmos of your own imagination.

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