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Mayan Elder Gives Surprising Prediction: Comet “Temple 1”

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

In an interview you can hear tomorrow night on the Earth Changes TV – Radio Hour, you will hear Mayan elder Carlos Barrios tell us of a surprising prediction brought forth from a meeting of Mayan elders in Guatemala. To my surprise, Carlos is telling us the “Deep Impact” space probe launched by NASA on January 12th will create unexpected consequences.

“Deep Impact” is the first space mission to probe beneath the surface of a comet and reveal the secrets of its interior. It is set to collide with “Comet Temple 1” on July 4th 2005. That’s right, the 4th of July. Is this a Hollywood stunt, or is it a prophetic indicator of things to come? On collision, the crater produced is expected to range in size from that of a house to that of a football stadium, and two to fourteen stories deep. Ice and dust debris will be ejected from the crater revealing fresh material beneath. But Mayan elders tell us than ice and dust debris is all that will occur.

NASA tells us the ice and dust debris data will be analyzed and combined with that of other NASA and international comet missions. Results from these missions will lead to a better understanding of both the solar system's formation and implications of comets colliding with Earth.

I did ask Carlos if this is related to Hopi prophecy telling us of the “Blue Kachina”. Carlos told me he has spoke with Hopi elder Lopez. He was told it “is not” the prophesized Blue Kachina. “It is not comet Temple 1”. Carlos did tell of an escalation of earth changing events to occur as a result of this unprecedented event. It will produce some kind of shock wave which will have an unknown effect in our solar system and on planet Earth.

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