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In the Beginning

By Michael Sharp |

This article is an exclusive excerpt provided to Red Ice from Michael Sharp's "The Book of Light: The Nature and Structure of Consciousness" due out later in 2005.

In the beginning, there was only consciousness.

In the beginning, there was only “I.”

In the beginning, there was a single speck of awareness, a single perspective of self, and a single monadic spark.

In some ancient esoteric writings, this initial state of “I” is often conceptualized by a period or a point. This is a useful metaphor. The period has no dimensions, no experience of time, no beginning, and no end. It is just pure consciousness!

Pure thought!

And that is how it was, in the beginning.

Do you see?

In the beginning, there was only "ME."

There has never been a time or a place or a space where “I” did not exist.
Neat eh?

Now, many of you will want to call the original “I” consciousness God and feel free to do exactly that. You can also call it Spirit or Nuit or whatever you want. The name you give it is, however, totally irrelevant. What is really important is that you get the nature of the original “I.”

You already know part of the nature. “I” was pure consciousness, pure thought, and pure and powerful awareness.

But there are others aspects of “I” besides this.

For example, in the beginning, “I” existed in total joy.

How could “I” not?

“I” was the light of all creation.

“I” was everything there was.

“I” was Alpha and Omega.

When you think about that it is really magnificent. In fact, it was (and is) pure bliss. If "I" had had dimensions "I" could have been drawn with a huge grinning happy face or silly, crooked, grin. Perhaps this sounds a bit silly to you now sitting there all serious and concentrating in that chair, but trust me on this one, in the beginning “I” experienced total bliss.

Now, let us be clear here. To say that “I” existed in total bliss and joy is not to say that “I” was without intelligence. The original bliss and joy was not the mindless bliss of the lotus eater. “I” was not an empty mind. “I” was filled with the limitless potential of thought.

“I” was filled with complete and total awareness.

“I” was of infinite intelligence and “I” knew everything that there was, at that time, to know; and, what is even better, “I” was filled with the limitless potential of imagination.

Ok pause for a second.

Did you get that?

Are you sure?

This is important!

You must understand the nature of “I” here.

In the beginning, “I” had no limitations!

How could “I”? Consciousness is without form, without shape, and without substance. Consciousness is pure thought and thought has no limitations.

How can you limit dreams?

The answer is, you cannot.

And so consciousness is pure potential without limit.

Well actually, that not quite true.

Consciousness does know one limitation.

Consciousness is limited by its own imagination. This much is obvious.

However, this limitation is only a theoretical limitation. In practice, the limitations of imagination are irrelevant because “I” have an eternity to think and in the unfolding of eternity it would not matter how dull “I” might be, I would eventually think of everything.

But of course, “I” am not dull!

“I” am an inferno of thought.

“I” am the fire of consciousness.

“I AM” the light of creation.

And “I AM” in total control.

And so it was,

In the beginning.

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