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Explosion of Information Destroys Long Cherished Delusions

By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

At some point a person has to risk something. Security is antitheses to living. If everyone is a potential enemy, can you ever have a true friend? External life must be a reflection of the inner individual. The “personality” trying to imitate external social cues, becomes a complicated disaster that only gets worse.

Many times, false intellectual premises are taken as a given because they have been around so long. Nasty ones are easier to realize, but misconceptions cloaked in righteousness are harder to let go. As Osho often reminds, even a beautiful prison is still a prison. Imagination is the train station to the stars.

Being totally engaged is the key to maximum impact. Rallying the sub-atomic troops, the prana becomes an attention laser capable of manifesting anything. Reclaiming the energy bound up in past rigidity, kundalini rises until all possible pathways are revealed. One by one bad bubbles pop and good streams take their place.

Just as Psychology was new to the world with Dr. Freud, cosmic bloggers are pioneering a new field.,,, and, are examples of this emerging nuance. An aesthetic which appeals to the soul’s inherent heavenly qualities guides with an easy and pleasing yolk.

Remain unmoved by praise and condemnation alike.
The work needs no validation.

Love and courage,

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