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The Group "Crossing"

By Karen Bishop |


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We have reached a critical point with the energies and are now poised for another great leap ahead. As we are all unique individuals, with our own particular path and purpose, this process puts us in a variety of places according to who we are.

Before we infused our energy into this particular human form, we chose circumstances and timelines that would support our purpose. We are all right where we need to be. There are no accidents. Our soul is guiding, supporting and placing us according to our pre-birth plans.

One year ago, I experienced a great leap ahead, such as the one many of us are about to undertake. For me, this "ascension" process was very quick, intense and deep. As I had long ago chosen to go ahead of the masses in order to report back to you, I had some catching up to do, and therefore, my experience was extremely intense and quick, as well as uncomfortable! I needed to catch up to my soul plan.

The reason I say that "we" are about to undertake this process, is because I chose to come back and go through parts of it again, as to be able to be in it with all of you and because it was just too much of a shock for me to be in this other world so quickly.

When I reached this amazing place where many of us are now about to enter, I felt that I wanted all of us there. If it was to happen for me, then I wanted it to happen for everyone, so in a sense, I came back to go again as a group and to write.

Part of the precursor for this great leap into a higher realm was a strong desire on my part to no longer be in the lower realms. Having experienced such rapid, deep and shocking re-alignment, the outer world seemed more extremely foreign than ever before and eventually intolerable.

When we reach the higher realms, a veil is lifted, much clarity is available, and things make sense in a very simple and clear way. Watching the world around us living in a state of illusion and "blindness" can become uncomfortable.

This is where many of the lightworkers are now, poised for the leap ahead. When the December 12, 2004 energies arrived for the blueprint of the New Planet Earth, it set into motion a rapid clearing of the way for all and everything here.

So then, a natural part of the energies of ascension involves becoming intolerant of the "old" and lower realms. When this desire occurs with great force and magnitude and emotion, it creates the leap in energy needed to blast us ahead. But it also arrives in tandem with the perfect timing of the cosmos.

As all is always happening "at once", with no linear timing, the summoning occurs at the same time as the cosmic plan, the contrast created by the beloved souls who are creating the illusion of slavery and pain, and so forth.

An intolerance was part of the process for me a year ago, and I might add, the second time for me then (the first was in 2001 and was an immediate cleanse and leap, all in one experience, but again, much too quick for my liking, but the earmarks are the same).

So these feelings and energies that are rising up and giving us the NO MORE emotions are part of the process. What is different this time is that MANY are experiencing this part as the energies that have arrived for the New World are activating and creating these feelings and experiences, as they should.

What we are saying no more to will be leaving our space, whether it be a situation, a person, or a thing. We have to be willing to be in a space to summon and to embrace the new, very willingly and very assuredly, with no room for changes of decisions.

The lower and denser experiences and energies provided the impetus for enough of us to summon and be ready to embrace the New. We had to be SURE. We had to want to "leave" the old lower and denser reality behind.

We had to be in a space where we had vibrated so high that there was nowhere in the physical world left to go. That, then, creates the desire and the energies for creating the New with NO DOUBT. It does not mean that we are horrible and unaccepting and not integrating the darker energies. That would be like mixing apples and oranges. This is about the process of creating and how energy works.

This then, is part of how creation is formed. This is a very experiential process, and even when described in words, does not make much sense to the reader if it has not been experienced first hand. Much of it was a total surprise to me, and that is why I continually tell you all that much of what we thought to be a higher way is not what we thought.

During this time of my "big leap" a year ago, and also in 2001, I had seen myself waving good-bye and crossing over into a New World and New reality. I was very frightened by this knowledge. The fear is the biggest roadblock to the release. Just as in the physical dying process, there is a great release of all of the illusions and being in fear only makes the process much more uncomfortable.

If we can trust that letting go will put us in an incredible place of peace and freedom, and really TRUST, then the ascension process is incredibly easier to bear.

So now, here we are in great numbers all at once, and ready to make the leap. I have been seeing for the past few days a time coming like no other. There is an opportunity now for the interference to be gone, the room for creating is ever-present, and we are united with the higher parts of our soul groups where they have left behind all their resistance and "issues". It is a great party and time for celebration where are vibrating only the "gold nugget" of our purer forms.

As if on a very long journey, we will arrive in a New land and welcome our friends as they arrive in their perfectly timed way. "Glad you made it!", we will say. "We have been awaiting your arrival!".

And in addition, I have seen the "leaving" of family and friends through the great Earth cleansings that are about to occur, but it is so very joyful as we will have TOTAL ACCESS to them in this New World, whenever we want.

Although we may be staying here on this New Earth in order to assist in its creation and many others have chosen not to, we will still be able to navigate the dimensions and locations and see them whenever we choose! We are just on a different assignment. Access to them will be a snap and we will be so excited when we hear what they are doing! They will most certainly be visiting us as well.

It takes a leap of faith. It takes a willingness to give it up and let go of all the illusions. It takes some willingness and focus to shift your perception and to be willing to be in the higher realms. It can happen in an instant, as now the surrounding energies are very much of the higher realms. You can choose to go there. You can decide. You can choose to look for evidence and see another world in place.

When enough of us begin to embrace this New reality, we will then keep it alive in our consciousness and thoughts and make it a reality for all. It will be about group creating. It will not be just a few of us anymore. When most of us begin living and seeing it, then it will manifest for all others as well.

And as I have been telling you all for so long, it is all about feeling good, having fun, enjoying life and your creations and experiencing. There are no such things and never have been as karma, learning lessons and trying to be spiritual. These are all things we made up that are much too negative and punishing and fear based.

The Earth does not need saving and neither do its inhabitants. There is no suffering. It all about "being", creating and experiencing and allowing others the same. This is all it has ever been about. There has never been anything "wrong". We just decided we wanted to start over with something New.

At the higher levels we made up games and realities, and worlds and planets with inhabiting creations. We infused our energy everywhere to have all kinds of experiences. We have had total freedom to express and create.

And we created this game of returning to the beginning to start again with something New. (And know that all this is something I have seen in the higher realms. It did not come out of a book, but it is sure fun when it gets validated by someone else as well!) There is certainly more, but this is not the forum.

This is the world we are about to enter and to continue to create. It is a beautiful sight. But then, that is just my reality!

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contibution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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