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A Good Wizard Frees Cosmic Forces

By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

Give Lucifer a bad name and then keep him all to yourself – so reads the Illuminati manual for co-opting cosmic forces. All anyone needs to do is throw out a symbol and have in mind specifically what it means. This thought immediately gains momentum thereby drawing through the gateway appropriate matching energies.

War is when two or more of these symbolic generators come in to conflict. Bashing each other, they forget that humanity is beyond the archetypes of the psychic plane. With most of each day being spent in the quagmire of the world and the drudgery of the mind, anything fantastic seems overwhelming. A good wizard can assure you that transcendence of the 4th dimension is not only possible, but merely a skipping stone’s distance if seen from the perspective of the moon. Swimming upstream isn’t so bad once you get the knack.

Primal – Emotions – Mind - Holy Spirit – Atman – Aum - Nirvana

Some of the Indigo Children/Transcending Souls/Awakening Star Seeds have to balance down. With an open EYE they see more than their mind can translate based on the tiny lessons of one small life in a body. People who go crazy from LSD suffer from a similar fate. Staring at the face of God, your head could burst into flames.

Step by step and moment to moment, we arrive consciously at the glory we have glimpsed in our highest perceptions. Nobody is going anywhere. The outside catastrophe is just to remind us of the urgency that has always been the case.

Love and courage,

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