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What's Up on Planet Earth? - Get Ready!


Image: Venus in Scorpio - Daniel B. Holeman
As we begin the completion of our personal "purging", cleansing and realignment process, the light again begins to emerge. Many experienced a process of releasing (in various forms) after many weeks of a build up of much of the old. The build up created edginess, frustration, depression, anxiety, many strange body pains and sensations, and a great pressure and tension.

After things seemed to go as far as they possibly could, all was released, followed by, for many, one night of great sleep. Now we are in a New space. It is as if all the muck, much density, and much of the old has been left behind. And of course, this creates even more of an identity crisis as well. Not to fret, as our gold nugget of purer Source energy identity remains, as always, intact, as well as our own individual and incredible vibrations.

When we go through a shift like this, I liken it to a "tunnel" into the New. While in the tunnel stage, we may feel here nor there. Many felt dizziness, vertigo and spinning sensations. The "spinning" can also manifest in the physical as life experiences going around and around, repeating the same format over and over, and never seeming to get anywhere. We may feel turned around, writing and spelling things backwards and unable to access a simple sentence structure.

As always, when we are in the tunnel, we are experiencing many dimensions at once, resulting in sounds (buzzing in the ears, voices, etc.), seeing movement out of the corner of our eyes, or perhaps feeling no sense of place or connection and groundedness. When we "bump up", we seem to experience more of the back and neck pain (where our energetic angel wings are growing), and this time, many headaches.

After this personal cleansing process is complete (for this particular phase, and it was substantial), we may feel as if we have "landed" somewhere. All seems bright and sunny again, and we certainly feel lighter and more optimistic. In addition, we may begin cleaning out the old in the form of the physical ; removing things that no longer serve us and letting go of what we had been involved with up until now. We are New and much more in alignment with the New that is soon to arrive in the physical world.

So then, what lies ahead? As it was FINALLY time for the New World to arrive in the physical (beginning in December, 2004), we needed to be ready. First wavers are experiencing this latest cleansing the most intensely, as their work is on the frontlines and needed first. Lightworkers have been realigning since December.

For all lightworkers, as our "old" roles had been completed, we were readying for our New World roles. We needed to "clear the way" within for all of the New to have a clear path to manifest in the physical. And now the Earth is next. All of the old in the physical had gone as far as it could. As we have been "readied" (and the timeline is different for everyone, but everyone will be ready ; no "mistakes" possible as this is coming from soul level), the Earth will now experience her own cleansing and purging process.

The Earth and her physical manifestations will soon begin the process of aligning and preparing for the New to arrive. This is when much, much will change and many will leave. This will be a time of incredible and massive change. It is time. The process is unfolding in a perfect dance and timing and all is in order.

This year will be remembered as the year that everything changed. Spring (here in the USA) will bring in incredible movement to support this change. There will be a great push (like we have recently felt in our own physical bodies) as the old leaves, paving way for the New to manifest. This is when the earth changes and natural disasters will most likely occur, and in divine perfection as all have been readied at soul levels and are supporting the shift in every way.

By this summer, expect to see some of the changes intact. We will be in our perfect vibratory physical locations, with our perfect vibratory friends and partners, and doing New and exciting work that has yet to be revealed. In addition, I have been seeing that this is the last of the physical discomforts and very soon we will be experiencing healthy and pain free bodies.

We have been "lifted up" in oh so many ways!

After this "washing away" of the Old, we will be able to now exist on a clean slate of New and fresh energy, ready for the molding of our exciting and brilliant creations. There will be opportunities that have never been present before and we will be creating things that are so New that we had not experienced them yet in this incarnation. And even more, we will go beyond the energies of Lemuria and have the opportunities to create whatever arrives in our consciousness.

It will be the beginning of a world of perfect health, of joy and laughter, of no struggles, and of FREEDOM to be, express and create. (No red tape, rules, regulations and hoops to jump through!)

All energy is in this together, as we are made up of the same. We shift and the Earth shifts. The Earth shifts and we shift. The planets support in every way through their unique vibrations and positioning. The old systems and governmental structures and the old leaders support by showing us a contrast that inspires us to vibrate and summon something New and different. We are all in this together, pushing for the same result.

And also know that WE are having this experience. We chose to embody this experience energetically by inhabiting a human form on the planet Earth during this time. We are then, through a reverberating energetic experience, transmitting this evolutionary process back to our original star origins as well. We are starting New and we are starting over. This is our experience to create what comes next ; not our star families nor any other outside influence. We are assisting them as well through this experience and all will benefit.

It is WE who are going first. It is WE who will show the way. It is WE who are the stars of the show. Can you see now, how all the cleansing, "upgrading" and evolving has been and will be so worth it? Can you see what an opportunity and gift it is to be having this amazing and monumental experience? ALL will come after us. WE are the New.

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contibution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,


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